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How to End a Toxic Friendship?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Friendship is a beautiful relationship between friends. And when it comes to men, they are able to carry on their friendship for a lifetime. However, often some men have to deal with toxic friendship in their life which can be quite unhealthy for them. It involves too much drama as well as competition that can make your life a living hell. Such friendships need to be ended as soon as possible. Let’s know how to end a toxic friendship.

You must have had plenty of friends while you were growing up, in school, at college and work. While some friends were supportive and encouraging, a few of them tried to demean you and made you feel that you cannot achieve anything in life. This is known to be toxic friendship in which your friend is a toxic person who will try to be dramatic and often create problems. Such toxic friends are not needed in your life and should be cut off as soon as possible.

However, many men shy away from letting go of toxic friendships, thinking that the other person will feel bad. This would be the wrong option for you. Keeping this in mind, we thought of elaborating how you can get rid of a toxic friendship. Let’s have a look below. 

Be Clear with Them

Toxic friendship can be stressful for you.

When it comes to ending a toxic friendship, you need to be clear with your toxic friend. Be as straightforward with them as you can be and tell them that you do not want to be their friend or spend time with them anymore. It does not matter if they believe you or not. What matters is that you are clear and do as per your intentions. If you are not able to do so, they will believe that they can control you.

Identify Your Role in the Friendship

This step is quite important for you as your toxic friend has been controlling you as well as your feelings and emotions. What exactly is your role in this friendship? What part do you play in this friendship? These are the necessary questions that are needed to be asked when you start introspecting yourself. You need to acknowledge your own unhealthy behaviours as it takes two to tango. Perhaps, you were tolerating much more than was required. Or perhaps, you were trying to ignore how much their behaviour had been affecting you. Acknowledge these facts.

Choose How to End It

Letting go of a toxic friendship is the best step a man can take.

As you need to end your toxic friendship in some way or the other, the options are yours. You could go cold turkey and let them be. You do not need to respond to their texts and calls or meet them face to face. However, the other option for you can be weaning and letting the friendship fade away. You do not have to keep up with your toxic friend and instead just drift apart slowly and steadily.


No matter how hard your life became because of these toxic friendships, the best way of living your life in a healthy way would be to forgive your former toxic friend. Although it would not be easy. Forgiving them will keep you in your right mind and you will be able to move forward in life. Remember, forgiving is better than holding grudges.


In a world full of amazing people there can be some toxic ones as well who can end up being our friends. Their toxic friendship can make your life a bit weird where you might keep questioning yourselves about the reason for this friendship. However, the best way of staying sane would be to end a toxic friendship. Good Luck!

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