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How to Drink Without Becoming Intoxicated?

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Late-night celebrations and infrequent get-togethers are all about having fun and getting wasted, but the next day brings with it a host of unpleasant effects and an excruciating hangover.

According to studies, roughly 20–25% of those who drink "occasionally" do not experience headaches or are "hangover resistant," whereas more than half of the population has aftereffects.

Drinking habits have increased in men these days. Men have not been able to resist at a limit and have been regular consumers of alcohol. This habit has an adverse effect on a man's body and men need to understand this soon before things go out of control and a severe cure needs to be done.

In this article, we discuss signs or bad symptoms that are caused by hangovers. We also tell you ways to drink without becoming intoxicated.

What is a hangover?

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A hangover is essentially a collection of many signs and symptoms brought on by binge drinking. These signs consist of:

  • Frustration Weakness - Frustration weakness from hangovers is the term for the physical and mental exhaustion, irritation, and lack of energy experienced after consuming too much alcohol. These symptoms all contribute to a feeling of weakness and frustration.

  • Hunger Headache - Due to the diuretic properties of alcohol and decreased appetite when drinking, hunger headaches from hangovers are characterized by a throbbing or dull head discomfort. Usually, eating alleviates these headaches by replenishing nutrients and regulating blood sugar levels.

  • Nausea - Hangover nausea is an uncomfortable feeling of queasyness and the want to vomit, frequently accompanied by an upset stomach. It happens as a result of dehydration, the body's attempt to digest pollutants, and alcohol's irritating effects on the stomach lining, which cause discomfort and a desire to alleviate these sensations.

  • Stomachache - There are a number of reasons why hangovers might produce stomachaches. Alcohol aggravates the lining of the stomach, causing irritation and pain. Alcohol's diuretic action can cause dehydration, which can upset the electrolyte balance in the gut and cause stomachaches. Additionally, drinking too much alcohol might cause your stomach to produce more acid, which will make you feel worse.

  • Anxiety - Anxiety is a typical hangover symptom since it can be aggravated by dehydration and poor sleep caused by drinking. Serotonin and other neurotransmitters are affected by alcohol's disruption of brain chemistry, which can cause anxiety and mood swings.

  • Sweating - Hangovers may also have an adverse effect on your sweat glands, and this might disrupt normal sweating behaviors and might lead to more sweating on the body.

  • Muscle ache - Hangovers cause pain inside your muscle cells. Which ultimately results in an overall Muscle ache. Hence if you see this sign often, hangovers are the reason.

  • Higher blood pressure - Due to alcohol's dehydrating effects, which can result in an increase in blood viscosity and a decrease in blood flow, hangovers can temporarily raise blood pressure. Alcohol also has the ability to activate the sympathetic nervous system, increasing blood pressure and heart rate. When these factors come into play, blood pressure can rise during a hangover.

The maximum duration of a hangover is 24 hours. One will have greater hangover symptoms the next morning the more they drink.

The hangover lasts up to 24 hours at most. The more one drinks, the more he’ll suffer a hangover the next morning.

Does the thought of getting a hangover fade your excitement? Well, there are some ways by which you can get drunk without stressing over the aftermath and ideas to limit the hangover.

Tips and tricks to get rid of the hangover

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  • Water consumption: Alcohol increases the person’s urge to urinate frequently and causes dehydration. Research says that besides the consumption of alcohol, drinking water helps to keep the body hydrated and lowers the chances of headaches, thirst, etc.

  • Avoid congeners. There are many alcoholic drinks that contain congeners. It is a type of chemical, and the reason why it stays longer inside your body, eventually causing a hangover the next day, is because it also releases stress hormones. Drinks containing congeners include whisky and tequila in general.

  • Moderate drinking: It is advised to consume alcohol at a moderate level as it can result in severe health problems. A fine consumption can lower the risk of a hangover and make it easy for you to have a fresh morning.

  • Sleep schedule: It is mandatory to get proper sleep after drinking all night. The disruptions during your sleep can spoil your mood and cause irritation and headaches. A good night’s sleep will cure the hangover in no time.

  • Food intake: People suggest that having a good meal before drinking will ease the absorption of alcohol in your body. This will also help in avoiding the symptoms of a hangover.

To help treat a hangover, one must not consume another alcoholic drink, as it will worsen the case and produce some harmful chemicals like congeners. Many people often think that another glass will put a stop to this headache, but you must avoid alcohol as much as you can the next morning.

Many studies show that a person should not go beyond their limits. Many people get excited while enjoying themselves and exceed their drinking capacities, which can harm their bodies. It is advisable to drink no more than one glass per hour to avoid any kind of problem.

As stated, congeners harm the body, and drinks like whisky, especially Bourbon, contain a high amount of them. Consume drinks like vodka and rum rather than those containing congeners.


The best way to treat a hangover is to either limit consumption or not drink at all. Even if you face the symptoms the next day, do not take any acetaminophen as a cure as it will damage the liver, and in the worst scenario, taking acetaminophen with alcohol can cause death.

If the situation worsens, have a conversation with your doctor and make yourself your priority. Your health should always be your first priority. Everyone is aware of the pros and cons of alcohol consumption, so consume it accordingly.

Written By - Khushi Bhardwaj

Edited By - Chirajita Gupta

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