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How to be in a Committed Relationship?

Updated: Jul 19

If you are thinking of turning your casual relationship into a committed relationship, you might not know that it takes a lot to be in one. There is a lot of hard work when you are committing to someone as they expect a lot from you. As a man, you will be expected to be there for them when in need. It requires a lot of communication as well as other healthy habits that, perhaps, were not there before. Fret not, we are here to help you out in this transition as you commit to your partner.

So you and your partner have been in a casual relationship for a while and things have been going well. The both of you went on amazing dates, had fun while dancing at clubs and having picnics at the park. And now, things are turning serious. You care more about them than yourself and cannot wait to meet them. You surprise them every other day with their favourite lilies and a box of chocolates, just to see a smile on their face. Things seem much better when you are with them.

How to be in a Committed Relationship

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Well, perhaps, you are ready to be in a committed relationship with them. What seemed just a fling or a casual relationship is much more than that and now everyday, you cannot wait to see their face. A committed relationship can be wonderful, with your partner always by your side, supporting you. However, at the same time, it takes a lot of hard work to be in one as well. If you are already having cold feet, perhaps, we could help you out in being in a committed relationship. Have a look below:

Recognise Your Needs

A committed relationship takes a lot of hard work.

Every man has some particular needs when he is stepping into a committed relationship. Ignoring these needs can be a big mistake and can take a toll on your relationship as well. You need to understand what you really want from your partner and from your relationship. This leads to self growth and self growth is quite important in a relationship. You should take care of your needs, whether they are self care, professional or personal.


Communication, by any means, is the key to any committed relationship. It helps in building the trust in your relationship and makes it more healthy, respectful as well as supportive. Whether you choose to talk face to face, through calls, texts or video calls, communication is needed for sure. You need to open up and be vulnerable enough to share all aspects of your life. However, if the both of you are fighting, taunting them about their secrets that they have shared only with you, it won’t be the right thing to do.

Giving Space

Being in a committed relationship is wonderful.

No matter how much time the both of you spend together and want to spend together, you must give them space as well and set a few boundaries. These boundaries can be physical, emotional, electronic as well as sexual. You must communicate these boundaries to them and let them know how you feel about them. These boundaries set by you and them must be established and respected by the both of you.

Your Sex Life

A committed relationship needs communication and sex.

Coming home back from work, eating dinner while watching Netflix and going to sleep can become quite dull in a relationship, whether you two live together or not. It is quite important for the both of you to have a healthy and interesting sex life which is fun and pleasurable. When in the bedroom, try to keep things exciting for each other. Perhaps, you could try roleplay and spice things up a little!


A committed relationship is a huge responsibility and needs to be taken care of like your own child. Thinking that it is just work and not caring about your partner can be a big mistake. If you want to make sure that your relationship goes a long way, the above given tips are the best one to go for. After all, you need to plan a proposal one day as well as a wedding!

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