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How to be Best Friends with your Partner

So you popped the question to your partner and they said yes. Now you guys are married and having a gala. While getting married to your partner can be an amazing feeling, it is also important that you maintain a good friendship with them. Being best friends with your partner will only strengthen your marriage as well as your bond with your partner. So let’s find out how you can be best friends with your partner.

Getting married can be the best feeling in the world. You plan out a whole wedding first and once you say “I do”, you get a partner for life. They are going to be there with you all the time, whether good or bad. They will be there to support you as well as encourage you. And when you feel low, they will be the one to make you see the silver lining.

However, not every man is able to be best friends with their partner. Even though you might have a tonne of friends, you will always have to be best friends with your partner. Why? The mere fact that you are going to spend the rest of your days with your partner should be enough to convince you to find your best friend in them. After all a friend might or might not be present in the ups and downs of your life, a partner will always be.

They will be your ultimate guide to life, pushing you forward in all situations. Keeping this in mind, we decided to let you know how to be best friends with your partner. Have a look below.

Express Genuine Interest in Them

Whether your partner just came back from a game of volleyball or from work, express genuine interest in how their day went. Ask them questions about it (even if you do not understand a word of it) and show interest. This will go a long way and deepen your friendship with them. It is not important that the two of you share the same interests. You might prefer football while they like to play baseball. However, when you show interest in the game, go to their matches and cheer for them, they will certainly feel encouraged. Isn’t that the synonym of ‘Best Friend’? Your personal Cheer leaders for life.

Share Experiences

While the both of you are not supposed to do everything together, it is certainly important that the two of you experience a few things together as well. You guys can go on treks, weekend getaways or road trips to share beautiful experiences. Such experiences will definitely make you feel closer and make the both of you the best of friends.

Share Your Feelings

Perhaps you had a bad day at work and now just want to relax with a bottle of beer in hand while watching Netflix. However, ignoring your spouse is not an answer. Instead, share what happened at work with your partner and tell them what you felt. They will definitely understand how you feel and will make you feel better as well.

Have Fun

Having fun is the most important part of any marriage. While the occasional fights take place as well, it is important that you take out some time to be goofy, make jokes, watch movies and just chill with your partner. After all, doesn’t all of this take place in a friendship?

Appreciate Them

So your partner just made a great pasta and you finished it in one go! Don’t take it for granted, thinking that just because they are your partner, they are supposed to do so. Instead, give them the best compliment, telling them that it was amazing and you wish that you could have more than you had. Such compliments will take your marriage till your last breath as well as make your friendship stronger than ever!

Take Responsibility

Maybe you had to show up for a date with your spouse but you could not due to work. Or perhaps, you are not able to put in as much work into the marriage as required. Instead of blaming the situation (or your partner), take responsibility for it. Admit your mistake and try to be better the next time. It will only help you in the long run.


A marriage needs a lot of hard work and communication by both the partners. If only one of them is ready to do so, it won’t work. However, if both of you are putting in the effort, you will be able to see the magic in your relationship. If you take care of the above given tips, you will certainly be able to be best friends with your partner.

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