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How to be a Superior Man?

How do we measure superiority in men? Trying to be a better version of oneself through one’s bicep size or his way of life? These are common dilemmas for men. Superiority may fall into a grey area, as it comes under the subjective domain. Men can feel superior for plenty of reasons, such as economic prosperity, good looks, a great body, etc., but what is an ideal way of measuring superiority? Superior men have characteristics such as living from their deepest core, being fearless in the right ways, feeling through the fleeting moment into the openness of existence, and being committed to magnifying love. This article will attempt to guide men toward becoming superior in the best possible way.

Live in the present

Things move at their own pace, and waiting for things to get over and for the good stuff to happen to you, or pausing the present by thinking, “I’m only doing this now so that one day I can do what I really want with my life,” will have negative impacts. As far as life goes, it will riddle you with situations and challenges; there will be happiness and sorrow, and the cycle won’t end as long as there’s life. Postponing things that you actually love will impact your creative intellectual capacity and make you oblivious to what you were born to do. Situations may come in handy and may constrain men to postpone things for the future, but facing them uprightly and doing what you love to do will make you capitalise on the present. Every moment wasted is a moment wasted, and each moment degrades your clarity of purpose.

Even if it hurts, smile and live with an open heart.

A superior man is free in feeling and action, even if he is vulnerable and in pain. Being cold and closed if things are tight and handy is not the way a superior man behaves. To act as a superior man, a man must feel the entire situation with his whole body. A closed body lacks judging cues and signals and thus cannot act perfectly in that situation.

Knowing one’s edge and not faking it

Pretending to be someone else and lying about your capabilities or pretending to be more enlightened than one actually is makes men less authentic and untrustworthy. Showing fearlessness when one is afraid makes other people feel the fear and inevitably loses trust amongst people, as a person is deluding himself by not projecting a genuine image. Men prefer jobs that are safe and easy to do rather than those that push them to the limit. They lack the aliveness, the depth, and the inspirational energy that are the signs of a man living at his edge. By honouring one’s edge, acknowledging one’s fear, and being totally honest with oneself, these are some traits that superior men possess.

Upholding your deepest mental instincts

To become their best selves, men should trust their wisdom. If you don’t trust your wisdom, why would anyone else trust you? If men don’t trust their own core intent, why would anyone else be bothered, as it signifies a lack of authenticity on their part? Importantly, men’s own sense of inauthenticity will make it difficult for them to act with clarity. Listening to everyone is a good habit, but deep down, a man should trust his instincts and wisdom while making a decision. Men who change their minds and rely on others to make decisions are perceived as less authentic.

Enjoying criticism 

Superior men get better with criticism. They use criticism against them positively and get motivated to do better. Friends may provide the best criticism, and receiving it in a good light is a measurement of one’s capacity to garner criticism. Inferior and weak people will be hurt by criticism and be offended rather than make a serious effort to bring about a change. Criticism can come from anywhere—family or friends—but the underlying point is to take it in a positive manner.

Don’t settle for easy things.

A man should be committed to giving his all while serving his purpose and be willing to go the extra mile to do so. Procrastination or laziness makes men look for easier goals, underutilizing their true potential. A superior way of thinking is to have higher goals and be more committed to relinquishing them. “A journey too easy is no journey at all.” The entire process of bettering yourselves is a life lesson that will be cherished forever.


A man should be purposeful and know his direction in life. Driving through others is bound to collapse. The first step would be aligning himself with his own life, so at least in the present situation, man is living on the edge, fully aligned with a sense of purpose. By cutting laziness, addictions, and ambiguities, men can be a superior version of themselves!

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