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How to be a Friend in Need?

Updated: Jul 19

How to be a Friend in Need?

Friendships play an important role in any man’s life. They are the ones who always will be standing tall for us and will be picking us up when we fall (maybe after laughing a bit first). While one day you might be ranting about your underpaying job with them, the other day you may be telling them all about your wonderful relationship. And whether you rant or not, they listen to you, like a good friend and value your feelings like they should. However, when they need you in their life, are you a friend in need? Let’s get to know how to be a friend in need.

Spending time with your buddies at your usual cafe, talking about life and work might be your go to thing. Or perhaps, you guys prefer having a slice of pizza, while watching football and cheering for your favourite team. No matter what you like to do with your bros at your own time, there might be one friend in your group who is shattered and needs your help in his life. He might be dealing with a problem in his relationship or worse, struggling with depression. At such times, he will need a friend in need, who can support him and listen to him, making him understand that it is not the end of the world.

However, even when the bond of friendship is quite strong, most friends are unable to understand that they need to help their friend during such times and not give up on them. Keeping this in mind, we are here to tell you how you can be a friend in need in such cases.

Be Specific while Offering Help


When you vaguely say, “Let me know if there’s anything I can do”, there is a high chance that this comment won’t work on your friend who is in dire need of help. The truth is that he might be bottling up his feelings and emotions as well as not asking for help, thinking that he might seem weak. At such times, even everyday tasks can be difficult for him to handle. So be specific while offering him your help. You can say, “I am going to the supermarket, can I get you a few things while I am there?” Specific offers are more likely to be taken up by your friend.

Offer Help that You can Genuinely Give


While you might want to help your friend in every way possible, there are some things that are out of your hand and you need to accept that. If your friend has lost his job and you hastily say in a moment that you will find a new one for them when you can’t, you will only let them down. So before you open your mouth to help them, make sure that you are making a genuine promise to them.

Small Gestures Go a Long Way


Perhaps you both don’t live in the same city, however, you know that your friend is in a terrible situation currently. In such cases, you don’t always have to fly down to meet him. A nice card in the mail to let them know that you care about them will go a long way. Apart from that, a voice message to calm them down will also make them feel better. You could also do some research on a few organisations and support groups for them to make sure that they are able to feel better as soon as possible.


Everyone has friends whom they trust and rely on, however, not all of them are there when real support is needed. You can be the friend in need when your bro needs you and your assistance. Whether you guys live in the same city or not, you can always be there for them, helping them in different ways. In this way, your friendship will go a long way, perhaps, till you take your last breath.

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