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How not to be a Toxic Friend

Updated: Jul 19

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Sometimes in life you end up making a toxic friend who adds stress in your life and makes you mentally unhealthy. He or she can be dramatic at times and can react in ways that can be unreal. But what if someone ends up telling you that you are that ‘toxic friend’ and are on the verge of losing people. In such cases, you need to understand how not to be a toxic friend and make amends with people close to you. Let’s have a look at what not to do to become a toxic personality in anyone’s life.

You might be a man who is a little overdramatic, or perhaps can be quite needy at times when it comes to his friends. Your friends might be sharing most of their secrets with you and you might be gossiping about them after that. While they might be there for you at all times, you might only be there for them for the good times. This would certainly make you a toxic person, as well as a toxic friend, who is only in the friendship for certain conditions.

Being a toxic friend can take a toll on your friendship and your friends can soon realise that being friends with you can be bad for them and their health. They can try to break ties with you as well. Keeping this in mind, we decided to tell you how not to be a toxic friend. Have a look below. 

Don’t be too Critical

Giving out constructive criticism is fine for your friend as it can help him or her out in their work or personal life. However, if you are criticising your friend in every path of life, then it can be frustrating for them. Whether you are criticising their choice of clothes, their choice of dates or what they do for a living, it can be a pain in the neck for them and make you a toxic friend. Make sure that you accept them as they are and don’t criticise them for everything that they do. Afterall, reaching extremes is never a great thing.

Talking only about Yourself

Talking only about yourself is a sign of a toxic friend.

So your bro is talking about how he was almost hit by a bus yesterday, but suddenly you turn the tables and make the conversation all about yourself? If this is happening repeatedly then you need to understand that this is not how a friend behaves and you need to change your behaviour. Try to make your friend understand that you care about them as well and talk about them. Make them understand that this friendship is about them too. Friendships are a two way street. You can not make it a self centred one sided path.

Being Negative

Stop being the toxic friend in your group

If you are always looking out for the negativity in the world, you might be a toxic friend. Perhaps, your friend is going out with a new person and all you can do is find the red flags in them. That is not the sign of a good friend. As a good friend, try to find positivity in life and forget the negative signs. Being negative all the time will only showcase you as a toxic friend.


Believe it or not, it is very easy to become a toxic friend, however, no one likes a toxic person and sooner or later, your friends will get rid of you when they realise that you are a toxic person. It is important that you become a good friend to your friends rather than criticising them all the time, talking only about yourself and becoming a negative person. Your friendship is much more necessary than your toxicity.

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