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How men should select shoes for matching suits and formals?

An image of handsome man roaming, who is surrounded by awesome leather shoes, matching his dress and suits

Choosing the right shoes to go with the outfit while gearing up for heading out is often overlooked by many these days. The stark reality is that people just do not have their eyes peeled on more than just the top and bottom attire. A cool outfit without a proper shoe to go with it takes away the gleam and makes it a mere pushover. Just remember that shoes are a terrific way to add color and personality to your outfit.

Whether you wear your suit daily or head out with casual wear, it's always ideal to match your shoes to your outfit so you always seem professional and put-together. Matching your outfit with the right shoes not only allows you to sport a complementary look but also adds an unexpected gloss to almost everything you're wearing. Don't be hesitant to wear bold or distinctive shoes. Just go for them if they match your attire to slay the perfect look.

Select the right pair of shoes for the right occasion: Men Shoes matching suits and formals

A great collection and colours formal shoes arranged for men to choose matching their formal dress and suits

Shoes can make or break your outfit. Therefore, it is important to select the right shoes that complement your outfit for different occasions and places. It's important to pick a shoe that not only looks nice but also feels comfortable and goes well with the outfit you're wearing because different occasions call for different shapes, colors, and so on.


The most comfortable work shoes are generally those that are well-fitting, cozy, and shield your feet from blisters that otherwise unorthodox footwear may bring on. Proper office-wear shoes are generally loafers, oxfords, derbies, and formal shoes. Loafers in particular are the most excellent types of shoes for men to wear to work due to the comfort they provide over lengthy periods of time. Oxfords and Derbies, the two most popular men's work dress styles, are both superb bargains that provide a classy image. Oxford shoes are good for tiny feet due to their "closed" appearance and tight lacing. Oxford shoes in particular are distinguished by their closed lacing mechanism and are a stunning formal option for office wear. Infarct is at the top of the formal shoe hierarchy.


Smart casual shoes are both comfortable and stylish for a day out with friends or running errands. Sneakers are a no-brainer for informal events or outings. So much so that every man's wardrobe is complete with a solid pair of sneakers, which are designed for everyday and casual wear. Sneakers come in a variety of styles and shapes. Sneakers are the pinnacle of casual shoes. Sneakers go well with jeans, khakis, and chinos. Solid white trainers are the current season's must-have, and they pair well with casual jogger trousers, patterned shorts, and basic tees.


Brogue shoes are a must-pick option for sporting a glamorous look in any event. Brogues are distinguished by their distinctive punching or decorative perforations along the leather uppers. It's as functional as it is fashionable. Brogues can be worn with jeans or shorts for a casual style all year round, proving their adaptability once and for all. Choose a complex brogue with a hefty sole for a more tough style or a slim, basic suede pair for a more elegant look with jeans.

Slip-ons are another alluring option and are the go-to shoes for everything from a get-together to date—after all, it implies you're prepared for everything! They are ideal for an outdoor event and look excellent with linen and denim bottom wear.

Walking and Sports:

Skechers are an excellent option and arguably the best shoes for walking and less intense exercises. Skechers are one of the lightest-weighted sports shoes accessible online, making them ideal for walking and jogging. The lace-up pattern on these Skechers sneakers will undoubtedly keep your feet in place at all times.

If you are to indulge in high-intensity training and running, training shoes are the go-to. Training shoes are typically flatter and more flexible, with a reduced heel-toe drop. They are also designed to provide more stability while performing intense activities. Brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas provide the best sports shoes for men that offer supreme support for outdoor activities.


Black formal shoe matching a man's formal dress and suit

The days of wearing black shoes are long gone, and there are loads of viable options now. It is necessary to pick the right one to match your suit to slay the professional look. The following are useful options for selecting the right pair of shoes to complement your suit:

Shoes for a navy blue suit:

A navy blue suit goes well with colors like brown and burgundy. By definition, a navy blue suit conveys charm and a powerful look. Any black, brown, or burgundy elements tend to "blend in" well with a bigger amount of blue without being distracting. Brown shoes offer a more relaxed option, while burgundy offers a more creative look. The darker the brown, the more formal your ensemble is. Meanwhile, burgundy monk straps and derbies with a navy suit add a splash of color to your whole outfit.

Shoes for a brown suit:

Brown suits, interestingly, go well with the same color combination as brown shoes. However, it is always wise to stick to brown shoes that are darker than the brown suit. This is to ensure a discernible distinction between the hues of the shoe and the outfit. If both browns appear identical, the overall effect will be off. The most significant aspect, though, is a distinct contrast. That is more easily provided by oxblood or burgundy shoes. Lace-up boots, loafers, oxfords, and derbies all go well with brown suits. Aside from that, oxblood Chelsea boots in suede or shining leather brogues will look great with your brown suit.

Shoes for a black suit:

Black suits are arguably one of the least flexible suits as far as color combinations are concerned. Black suits can only be worn with black shoes. Going for any other shoe color will make it appear too casual. The most obvious choice of shoes for a traditional look would be black oxfords.

Shoes for a grey suit:

When you go a step lighter from a black to a gray suit, it opens up lots of color combinations and tends to be flexible. Colors like brown and black go well with a gray-based suit. Going for lighter brown tones gives the whole outfit a trendy look. The downside is that gray suits aren’t necessarily too formal. The suit can be made to appear more formal by wearing black oxfords.

Tips on selecting shoes for formal dress:

Luxurious men formal shoes arranged matching men's dress and suits

Prefer lace-up shoes over formal slip-ups:

Lace-up dress shoes are a necessity for business or formal occasions. The majority of Oxfords and derbies typically have laces. Although slipping on shoes may be simpler, laced shoes seem considerably more polished. Lace-up shoes are a must if you're wearing a suit. You might not necessarily require lace-up shoes if you're wearing dress pants, a button-up shirt, and no suit jacket.

Purchase shoes from top brands:

Look for and choose shoes from brands whose products strike the perfect balance between comfort and fashion. Top brands like Lee Cooper and Gucci provide shoes that offer this balance and are renowned for producing the best-branded shoes for men. Do not dwell too much on the price because then you will compromise on the quality. While buying less expensive shoes may be appealing, doing so will ultimately cost you more money.

Go for ones that fit perfectly.

Go for shoes that perfectly fit your size and offer comfort to your legs and ankles. Size varies with brands, so it is necessary to check the size and try out the right one before purchasing. When purchasing shoes, go for ones with arch support and a soft upper sole as well. An uncomfortable fit might make it challenging to accomplish activities with ease. One can appear more polished and put-together only with shoes that fit.


Shoes have the power to take your outfit to another level and hold the key to elevating your overall look. The right shoe can transform an outfit from drab to classy. Just remember that "the right shoe can make a notable difference".

In the competitive world now, it is no secret that everyone wishes to put their best foot forward, and for this, one has to sport the best shoes as well. Whatever the occasion or challenge, the appropriate pair of shoes will allow you to stride out with confidence. Never shy away from investing in shoes that are both long-lasting and fashionable.

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