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How Fathers Can Spend More Time With Their Children

Fathers play an important role in a kid’s life, no matter how old he is; a young boy or a 16 year old teenager. A father is an influential person in a child’s life as he is his role model and guides him in life to face the world. He is the one who supports him at his worst as well at his best and is always protective of his child. A father might be quite strict for his child, setting certain limitations or boundaries for him or might be a cool one who does not put pressure on his kid to get good grades. However, he will always make sure that his child is on the right track and does not get hurt by anything or anyone else.

In order to make sure that his child is on the right path, a father must spend some good quality time with him. Just seeing them in the morning during breakfast as well as during dinner time is not enough to raise your children the right way. A father must spend some good quality time with his children, as much as he can to make sure that he is able to guide them the proper way and teach him well enough.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed the best ways you can spend quality time with your children as a father. Have a look below:

Getting Involved in Daily Tasks

When it comes to the daily tasks such as getting your children dressed up for school or getting their breakfast ready, it is usually the mother who is responsible for these. However, a father too can get involved in such tasks to spend more time with his children. If the kids are too young, he can give them a bath and get them dressed up for school. Apart from that, he can prepare pancakes for them for breakfast and drop them at school as well.

Sharing Duties

So it is a Sunday but instead of taking that three hours nap, you need to get the car fixed or you won’t be able to go to work on Monday? Well, things can take a turn like this, however, you can always share such duties with your kids and make them much more fun, instead of boring. Take your kids with you when you have to run such errands and you will realise that what’s boring for you is actually exciting for your kids.

Play with Your Kids

The best way to spend time with your children is by playing with them, whether you choose to play football in the backyard with them or Monopoly in their bedroom. Along with that, you can also read children’s stories to your kids, especially while they are being put to bed. A good bedtime story is the perfect way to spend time with your kids.

Helping With Homework

A good father is the one who helps out his children with his studies. Whether it is their homework or a research paper that they are working on, try to be as helpful as you can be. While Google is always there for them to give answers about World War II, a helpful father is much more important and needed when it comes to a child’s studies. Always encourage them to do better, however, do not add pressure to always get good grades no matter what. This can go a long way.

Talk to Your Children

One of the most important things for a father to do is to talk to his children and have one on one conversations with them. Even if you are a busy dad, it is quite essential for you to have such conversations with your children, even if just for five minutes. You can always ask them how they are, how they feel, how school has been and how their day has been. As a father you can share certain experiences from your daily life which can help out your kid. As soon as you start talking to your kids, they will find a confidant in you and would like to share their feelings with you as well.

Go for Family Vacations

No matter how busy or tight a schedule you have, a father needs a break from his work as well and needs to spend some quality time with his family. So make sure that you at least plan an annual vacation with your family or perhaps a weekend getaway, where you are able to refresh yourself and your family and are able to spend some quality time with them as well.


No matter how busy your work keeps you, being a father means that your children need you as well, so make sure that you are able to steal enough time for them. Just wishing them good morning and then leaving for work without even having a proper look at them is the worst thing a father can do. As a father you are responsible for raising your kids well so make sure that you do not forget about that responsibility. The more time you spend with your children, the better they will be in life.

Remember that when you decided on having a family you took on the responsibility of being present in your child’s life. So whether they are going through their first break up or have failed an exam, you need to be there for them. The more distant you will be in your child’s life, the more damaging it can be for them as it can lead to multiple mental health issues and much more. So make sure that you are there for them when they need you.

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