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How Can Men Style Wavy and Thick Hair

All hair textures are different, and everyone should have a hairstyle to go with their hair type. In actuality, some textures are much more challenging to manipulate than others, especially when you have thick or wavy hair. Sheldon Pereira provides us with some reassuring haircare advice with which even the wildest hair in the world can be tamed.

Below are ways to style and look good with different hair types, be they wavy or thick and dense.

1. Wavy Hair

Right now, wavy hairstyles are in fashion. If your scalp is covered in such textures, that is wonderful news, but it doesn’t make styling it any simpler. When properly styled, this hair type has terrific texture, movement, and personality. But when left alone, it’s a very different scenario. Because wavy hair is prone to drying out, you should use moisturising products. This can come in the form of serums that have been specially prepared, shampoos and conditioners, or even your preferred style product. Speaking of which, you should also consider choosing a pomade, gel, or wax if you want something with a slightly shiny or moist look.

There are several products on the market that are made to enhance curls, frequently referred to as “defining” or “curl” creams, for individuals who genuinely want to appreciate their waves. On the other end of the spectrum, smoothing serums and oils are made to help control frizz and provide a smoother, more sleek appearance. Below are just some of the ways to get a good wavy hairstyle:

• Uneven side parting

This hairstyle is fundamentally an Ivy League cut, but with wavy hair. The length left on top highlights your best waves, while the short back and sides reduce some of the bulk. Ask your barber to trim the sides and back, leaving enough hair on top for a parting. Then, when it comes to styling, apply a generous amount of pomade from root to tip and massage it into place using a comb or your fingers.

• Waves with a Slick Back

This is a sleek and hot hairstyle that is always popular. For a more modern look, you could pair this with an undercut or fade, but first you’ll need to let your hair grow out all over until it’s long enough to push backwards into place. Apply a moisturising spray or smoothing cream to damp, towel-dried hair before styling to prevent frizz. The hair should then be worked backwards into place using a hair dryer and a vented brush. After that, comb the hair back and apply a medium- to high-shine hair product, like a pomade or grooming cream, from root to tip. In order to show off your natural waves, use your fingers to loosen the hair a little bit so that it appears natural and nothing artificial.

2. Thick Hair

Thick hair is also another common hair type. Men with lustrous locks of thick, glossy hair can inspire envy in those with sparse hair. Those with thin hair, however, are unaware of what it takes to make it behave that way after looking like Captain Caveman all day. The ultimate goal is to hold and nurture, without adding any extra volume. The first step in doing this is using a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner to prevent the hair from drying out and splitting at the ends (this problem affects men and women equally), both of which can make it look straw-like and even thicker than it really is.

When it comes to styling, stay away from products that are meant to add texture and shape, such as volumizing mousses or powders that boost the roots, and instead favour drier items like clays and pastes. By moisturising and softening the hair, argan oil treatments can also assist in making thick hair more manageable, resulting in an overall smoother finish. Below are some popular and smart hairstyles for men with thick hair!

• Mid-length Disconnected Undercut

If your goal is to lose weight and spend less time in front of the mirror each morning, choosing a mid-length style for thick hair may seem paradoxical. However, choosing a disconnected undercut will allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Although it’s a daring style, cutting the back and sides quite close makes the hair considerably lighter overall and much easier to manage. It will also ensure that your daily maintenance is minimised if you stick to untidy crops on top rather than anything that creates too much volume. Simply blow-dry your hair into place, then roughly apply a little bit of matte paste or clay evenly after rubbing it into your palms. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with your barber every two to three weeks to maintain the shape if you want to make sure it stays this short.

•High and tight

Cutting hair short is a tried-and-true method for making thick hair easier to manage. With the exception of the occasional trip to the barbershop for a trim, the high and tight is a traditional military hairstyle that requires little maintenance. It is characterised by extremely short hair on the back and sides, sometimes reaching the bone, and slightly longer hair on top. The objective was to provide a clean, streamlined appearance when wearing a helmet while still leaving some cushioning for comfort. For men who don’t want to go all out with a buzz cut, it’s a great, low-maintenance option. To style, simply use your fingers to apply a small amount of matte clay or paste to tame flyaway hairs.

• Pompadour

Another way to look at it is that if you’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it. Even though a pompadour is more difficult to manage than a high and tight or even a mid-length undercut, it will let you show off your gorgeously thick hair. In order to prevent the overall style from growing too wide, ask your barber to shorten the back and sides. You may also consider whether it would be worthwhile to remove some of the weight from the top using thinning scissors. Beware, though, since this technique can actually have the opposite impact on people with dry, coarse hair by enhancing frizz and texture.

When it comes to styling, it’s preferable to let thick hair dry naturally whenever possible rather than blow-drying it to manage volume. Your hairdryer will help if you turn it to the cool air setting if you need to get ready quickly. Apply your preferred styling product (soft pomades and grooming creams work particularly well) from root to tip once it has dried, and then use a brush or comb to lift the hair up and back into position. Use a strong-hold hairspray to keep your cheerful expression in place all day and your hairstyle intact.


The above styles only serve as a guide for men with thick and wavy hair. If you have luscious and dense hair or beautiful curly and wavy hair and have found a style besides the above that you like and suits you, make sure to keep it. But if you find yourself in a mood to experiment with a new hairstyle and to try new styles, use the above as a base and maybe even put your own twist on the style to make it your own.

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