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Honeymoon Essentials for Men

Life is a journey that is full of surprises. Be sure that you avoid one on your way to the wonderland. Be smart and carry the essentials only. Leave out things which add extra weight to your luggage. Keep your head and well as your bag as light as possible.

Honeymoon can be a daunting experience for many, if not planned perfectly. Make sure that you pack beforehand. Have a conversation with your partner about things they might be expecting you to carry. If you are still a little confused, then we have handpicked five super essential things (honeymoon accessories) for your honeymoon. So, let’s start!


Don’t forget to carry contraceptives. The most important thing if you’re not planning for someone new in your life. Be prepared! Do use a condom. You can surprise your partner by trying out a whole variety of them. The market now offers plenty of options to make a choice from. Using birth control can help a lot but still, the need for condoms is crucial to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This will ensure the sexual well-being of both you and your partner.


Using a fragrance will surely set you in a good mood. So, carry a scent that boosts your mood on the special day. We do believe that you don’t want your partner to hold their nose during the whole course of your honeymoon. A foul smell could end your joy before it starts. Carry a musky scent that’ll last longer than you.

Body hygiene pack:

You need to not just look but be clean too for the big event. Use scented body washes with essential oils. Use a good body lotion so that your skin stays moist throughout the day. We would recommend sandalwood body lotion.

Fancy undergarments:

The special day deserves something special. Your partner needs a little surprise. You have to make an extra effort to put a smile on their face. You can go with frenchie’s, men-tie side-briefs, and men’s leather zipper underwear. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Go all the way out. Channel your deepest and darkest desires into the garment that you’ll wear. Show them a side of you that they have never seen.

Appropriate clothing:

Enough about undergarments. While you’re enjoying the sunset with them on the beach or chilling with your spouse in the winters, wouldn’t you want to rock every look!? So, during your hiatus from a hectic life, you need to treat yourself with a combination of different attires. A hip leather jacket for someplace cold or a Bahamas t-shirt for a beach will make you go with the vibe. Make sure your pants or pyjamas match with your upper body clothing.

We know that prepping for this can be difficult. So, keeping that in mind we made this list. After all, we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun because of silly mistakes.

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