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Home Remedies To Deal With Varicocele

Any man who has unintentionally hit someone near the scrotum or been on the receiving side of the hit will be aware of how painfully sensitive they are.

Varicocele is a condition that characterizes an abnormality in the veins of the scrotum and this only affects men. It's risk-free and the same as the varicose veins that one might find in their legs. But a varicocele is rather sensitive because it appears in the scrotum, which is more intimate.

This has spurred men to seek natural home remedies for varicocele yearning for privacy and refraining from any complex surgeries. Whenever we think of natural remedies, we tend to question the effectiveness of such remedies, don’t we? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered. We shall find out the list of potential natural remedies for Varicocele and throw light on their effectiveness as well.

What is a Varicocele? How does it come about?

A varicocele is an enlargement of the pampiniform plexus, which are the veins in the scrotum. The scrotal venous pampiniform plexus, which drains blood from each testicle, dilates and enlarges abnormally in this condition. They can grow in size and become more noticeable over time. Varicoceles are more common on the scrotum's left side. Varicoceles can sometimes exist on both sides of the scrotum, but this is rather uncommon.

Varicocele is typically caused by faulty valves in your scrotum's testicular veins. We know that veins throughout the body are in charge of transporting blood from various organs back to the heart. Normally, they have valves to make sure the blood is flowing in the proper direction. However, if the testicular vein's valves are malfunctioning, blood can accumulate in the scrotum due to gravity. When this happens, some blood may flow backward. This backed-up blood can form pools in the veins, causing them to stretch and expand, or become swollen thus resulting in Varicocele.

Is Varicocele life-threatening?

If you think you are affected by Varicocele or have signs of it, do not panic because it is common and largely unthreatening. A varicocele affects 15% of all adult men. Many men's varicocele will go unnoticed for the rest of their lives, or it will cause no problems at all. While varicoceles are not fatal, they are occasionally associated with dangerous conditions. In rare cases, varicocele can cause severe low testosterone, which can then lead to some form of metabolic syndrome or diabetes. Therefore, it is advisable to seek remedies to treat varicocele.

Home Remedies for Varicocele

There are various varicoceles treatments available to help with this issue. But what will relieve you, even more, is there are ample natural home remedies for varicoceles that work wonders.

Mild Exercises and Yoga Asanas

Since we know that varicocele is related to blood circulation, mild exercises that improve blood flow will benefit this condition. Walking, jogging, and swimming regularly are excellent for strengthening your leg muscles and supporting your blood vessels. In addition to mild exercises, yoga is also effective for treating varicocele. Yoga reduces blood stagnation and improves blood circulation in the body. Yoga asanas such as Ananda Balasana, Viparita Karani, Dhanurasana, and Vajrasana can help with varicoceles.

Ananda Balasana is one where you lay on your back, then bring your knees to your chest. You have to keep your feet steady with your hands and then slowly draw your legs downwards while remaining flat on your back with your back against the ground. You have to repeat until you feel a mild stretch.

In the case of Vajrasama, you have to begin by kneeling on the floor with both knees. Sit on your heels with your ankles and knees together. Meanwhile, your thighs should rest on your calves, with the big toes of both feet touching. Ensure that you have your head straight, and your chin parallel to the ground as you place your hands on top of your knees. Ensure that you focus on your breathing by doing this for at least 5 mins. This tones your pelvic region and boosts blood circulation to the region.

While exercising and yoga act as good remedies for varicocele, it is also important to ensure that you do not overdo any of them and keep them moderate. Exercises that make the body strain too much like squats or jumping can aggravate your condition and strain the blood vessels in the scrotum. Therefore it is important to exercise caution in what you do.

A diet rich in antioxidants and fiber

Foods high in fiber and antioxidants are particularly beneficial in the treatment of varicocele. A high-antioxidant diet protects the veins in the testicles. Adding fiber to the diet also helps with varicocele because it relieves constipation, which can also cause varicocele.

One of the major factors contributing to the development and worsening of varicoceles is oxidative stress. Higher levels of oxidants and lower levels of antioxidants in the body, combined with varicocele, can cause significant damage to the testis and epididymis. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables include cabbage, spinach, beetroot, radish, sweet potatoes, pears, guava, mango, and papaya.

A fiber-rich diet is essential for regular bowel movements. Due to constipation, when you exert more pressure while you pass stool, the swelling and inflammation of the varicocele can further worsen. As a result, eating more fruits, grains, and fiber-rich foods like nuts, broccoli, and beets will keep your digestive system running smoothly.

Cold water/Ice pack therapy

Run cold water over your testicles for 15-30 seconds while showering. Because the veins run throughout the entire region, it is beneficial to wash the entire scrotum, including the pubic area, with cold water.

To relieve the swelling and soreness caused by the varicocele, you can also apply ice packs and cold compressions twice or three times per day. Apply an ice pack near the scrotum region for about 15 minutes to alleviate the swelling or pain.

Horse chestnut extract

Horse chestnut seed extract is a popular dietary supplement used to improve vein health and reduce inflammation. The extract has remarkable anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Aescin is the primary active ingredient in horse chestnut extract. Aescin is often used to treat male infertility caused by varicocele. Aescin, in addition to improving sperm count and motility, it is also effective at shrinking varicoceles.

Are home remedies effective?

Most varicocele risk factors, as it turns out, are actually controllable. There are numerous lifestyle changes that you can make that can assist in the treatment of varicocele. While using surgery, to treat varicocele risk factors is effective to an extent, it does not address the whole thing. The whole fact is that most of us would not have developed varicocele if we had made these simple lifestyle changes in the first place.

By opting for surgery, you again give room for side effects that normally follow an operation. Having said that, if you need an imminent cure for varicocele, your doctor might well advise you to opt for a surgical procedure. By stitching or clipping the vein shut, your surgeon can stop the flow of blood through the testicular vein.

Natural home remedies for varicocele including herbal supplements offer fair support in alleviating the condition but might not offer the exact outright cure on a few occasions. The advantage of sticking to natural home remedies is that you take away the risk factor out of the equation. Surgery treatment can sometimes result in testicular damage, scarring, and even recurrent varicoceles in the future. Mild exercising clubbed with a diet filled with nutrients and anti-oxidants can work wonders and potentially reduce the inflammation caused.

Bottom Line

Varicocele is often not threatening and is treatable. Even if your varicocele is in one of the more severe grades, you should not panic or be too concerned. There are numerous techniques and medical options for permanently resolving this condition. In fact, in many cases, your doctor may advise you to assess the improvement using natural home remedies and observe the varicocele rather than undergoing surgery,

Remember that it is also imperative that you diagnose the condition quickly. Varicoceles, sometimes, are visible with the naked eye but it is always better if it is discovered during a doctor's examination in the beginning stage when you feel some discomfort in the scrotum region.

The household saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, incorporating a healthy lifestyle filled with a nutritious diet and constant exercise to go with it ensures that you remain disease-free and contract Varicocele in the first place.

Article by: Samuel Joshua

Edited by: Puneet Kapani

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