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Here is What Men Want in a Relationship

A relationship is between two people, however, each one of them has different needs and desires. While most people think that decoding women isn’t easy, it hasn’t been so easy to find out what men want in a relationship as well.

As we all know that a relationship is based on mutual trust, respect and communication, there have been times when a relationship turns sour because it lacks one or all of these qualities. While most of the time, men have been called out as the culprits of such dead-end relationships, isn’t it possible that their partners just didn’t know how exactly to treat them. Well, it is. And we are just in time to tell you what exactly men want in a relationship.

Men too, no matter how strong they might be from the outside, have an emotional and vulnerable side. Although they might not express whatever they feel so freely, they still want to be valued in a relationship rather than just being your arm candy. As human beings they have a heart as well.

So, read on to find out what exactly men desire in a relationship and how you can be better at it.

Compliment Him

Just because it isn’t his birthday or a date doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve a compliment or praise from you. Whether he has just opened a pickle jar for you or got that promotion that he was waiting for all this while, he deserves a good praise or compliment that gives him a feeling of admiration from you.

The point is that most women receive tons of compliments now and then from men, however, most men, no matter how good their personality is or what they achieve, receive quite a few. As his partner, you are his equal and giving him compliments won’t cost you anything but love. And won’t that be a treat for both of you!

It will not only bring both of you closer but give him a sense of approval from you.You can always compliment him when he does something nice for you or makes a romantic gesture. You will find a lot of opportunities to compliment him and it will not go to waste.


Mutual respect is always important in a relationship; it is necessary. However, if you treat your man like he is nothing to you and don’t respect him, your relationship will certainly go down the drain. Men are not robots who don’t feel anything. If he respects you, you need to respect him and his opinions as well, even if they don’t match with yours. Apart from that, your respect will matter to him as it will make him believe that you trust him.

You can let him take charge of some things in a relationship. Whether it is planning your romantic getaways or just a Netflix movie date, let him be in charge of it. Trust him that he will make the most of it and will plan it out in a way that keeps the both of you happy.

Even the little things that he does and feels proud about can go a long way. Ensure to affirm your belief in him and boost his confidence, whether he is a skilled cook, a good driver or great at fishing. Let him be at peace with the great work he has done and again, compliment him and make him feel like a hero.

Give Him Space

Every person needs some time for his own personal space, whether to hang out with his friends or to read a book while sitting on a recliner, sipping coffee. So give your man that space to be with himself rather than being a clingy partner. Whether he likes to play football or wants to go out clubbing with his guy friends, don’t put a leash on him.

You might want to be with him all the time, however you need to understand that his personal time is important as well. He needs it to recharge himself and get back to you. And for men, their independence is quite important. Messing around with it will only create problems in your relationship.

Give your man enough space to feel free and not get suffocated in the relationship. For instance, once he is back from work, don’t barge in on him but give him some time to unwind and relax. This will make him feel that you trust him and he will be able to breathe in the relationship.

Accept His Mistakes

No one is perfect and neither are you. Everyone makes a mistake once in a while and so can your man. However, if you start blaming him for everything or shout and scream at him you will only be making a mountain out of a molehill. You need to accept his mistake, whether they are big or small and show him unconditional love (unless he has cheated on you, that’s a whole another chapter).

Not only will you be accepting him and his mistake, you will also be showing trust in him and valuing him which many men desire in a relationship but don’t receive. For many accepting a mistake or a blunder is hard to do, however, you cannot change the past; you can only improve. Won’t it be better to do so?

Whether he broke your favourite vase while cleaning or burnt the chicken while cooking, nothing can change, so learn to accept such flaws and move on to have a healthier relationship. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he can commit mistakes every now and then but this is a lesson for you to learn that he isn’t perfect and can make a mistake once in a while. Remember none of us are perfect, also honestly, perfect can be quite boring.

Pamper Him

It’s a common belief that women deserve all the pampering they can get. However, men are not different. Men love to be pampered by their partners and desire it in a relationship. So don’t always expect him to get you flowers or chocolates. Step up and get some for him.

Apart from that, you can make sweet romantic gestures for him, instead of expecting him to do so. After all he is your man; if you won’t do it then who will! Even sending him a cute greeting card at his work along with a box of his favourite sushi will bring a smile to his face. Show him that you care for him and will put in efforts to make the relationship work.

Apart from that, you can bake his favourite cake, buy those Reebok shoes that he had been saving up for or get him a pair of nice jeans. In this case, anything and everything works.

Sense of Security

As your partner, your man will expect you to commit in the relationship rather than just passing the time with him with no future. And if he feels that you are not in it for the long term, he might start getting distant as well. Well, if you are ready to commit, you might as well show it.

Just like women, men too need a sense of security in a relationship from their partners. They don’t want to feel that the relationship is just a waste of their time and won’t lead anywhere. And that sense of security comes in a variety of ways.

Be interested in his opinions and views to let him know that you are in it for the long haul. Apart from the physical intimacy, touch him in non-sexual ways, like caressing his hair or touching his arm while having a conversation. And of course, as I said above, giving him his personal space will make him believe that you trust him and the relationship has a future.

Encourage Him

All a man wants is a partner who supports and encourages him for his passions. Whether it is related to work or his hobbies, take an interest in it and encourage for what it is and cheer him on. After all, as a partner, you should be his cheerleader.

Whether it is a big promotion that he wants to get, a new business venture he is planning to start or just a marathon he wants to go for, encourage him to carry forward his idea and in fact, help him if you can. Nothing else will boost his confidence than your approval, trust and assurance that he can do it.

Mocking him for his ideas or making jokes about it will only let him down and create a cold war between the two of you. And you certainly don’t want that to happen.


A relationship takes a lot of hard work by both of the partners. However, if a man needs to understand his partner’s wants and desires, his partner needs to do the same. The truth is that a man needs to feel safe and secure in a relationship as well.

So ladies, make sure that you have noted down what a man wants in a relationship and ensure that you fulfil his desires. After all, a man is a human being too and will always have the need to feel loved and cared.

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