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Here is How a Man can add Colours to his Closet this Holi

The festival of colours is here. Although we are all supposed to dress up and showcase our best during all the festivals, Holi is kind of an exception. How? Well, no one wears their best dresses this day to get them drenched in colours, that might just never come off.

However, just because you cannot be best dressed on Holi does not mean you cannot add colours to your closet and make it a little playful. Sure, you might prefer wearing black all the time, whether it is a black suit or a black Kurta Pyjama. However, a man looks amazing in different types of colours, no matter what type of attire it is. Whether it is a red and black Sherwani or a light blue suit, a man always looks heavenly in colours. That is why, this Holi 2022, colours are coming back to trend and can be seen on men a lot.

Thinking about that, we have listed out a few colourful items for you which won’t only look great on you but will also make you classy. Have a look below:

Sneakers by Superkicks

When it comes to your sneakers, why opt for something as bland as white sneakers when you can go bold with colourful sneakers by Superkicks. They have some of the most trending pairs of sneakers such as popular contemporary Stan Smiths to chunky dad sneakers and Scandinavian-inspired minimal pairs. Choose your style, whether something subtle or go bold with some of the most stylish colour combinations with Superkicks.

This brand has been evolving and sells some of the best high end sneakers from its website as well as retail stores.

Where to Buy:

Body Butter by Green and Beige

When it comes to holi, your skincare is of the utmost importance as all the colours you have played with could have been harmful for your skin and might have damaged it as well. Add the colour of Green and Beige by adding their body butter into the picture. It is great for your skin as it moisturises it as well as makes it smoother and softer.

Apart from that, it has a lamellar structure that mimics skin to allow botanicals to penetrate the pores, deep-hydrate, and repair your skin. This Shea, Tucuma and Mango butter-rich Body Butter has a combination of Xylitylglucoside, Anhydroxylitol, Xylitol, and the resurrection plant to help keep your body skin hydrated and accelerate skin renewal during harsh winters or summers.

It will perfectly calm your skin which might have been irritated due to playing Holi.

Luxury Handbags by Tiger Marrón

Carrying handbags is a fashion statement for men these days and Tiger Marron knows this fact. It joined forces with fashion jewellery designer Nitya Arora to make special luxury handbags that you can carry with ease. Leather, as well as vegan, they know what men want when it comes to bags and provide some of the most colourful handbags in the world of fashion.

Jackets by Tommy Hilfiger

When it comes to wearing jackets, brown and black aren’t the only colour a man should go for. You should always opt for something colourful that is easy to carry as well. And jackets by Tommy Hilfiger are always playful as well as well coloured that can be worn especially during the month of Holi.

Since 1985, when this brand was founded by Thomas Hilfiger, it has maintained its class and has remained trendy as well. Apart from that, it has made sure that its apparel is comfortable as well as is available in different colour combinations to its customers.

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

A man’s fashion statement is not complete without a pair of tinted sunglasses. And what could be better than a pair of sunglasses by Ray-Ban for looking savage as well as classy. Ray-Ban has been in the market for years now but hasn’t missed the chance to make sure that it is at the top when it comes to eyewear.

A pair of shades by Ray-Ban will certainly up your fashion game.

Graphic Tees by The Souled Store

When it comes to casuals, a graphic tee is a go to option for men as not only is comfy for them but also works as a fashion statement with so many designs available today. And The Souled Store is one of the best brands which has a variety of graphic tees for men that present them as a fashionista.

Whether you have a date or are going to a wedding the graphic tees by The Souled Store are made for every occasion and work like a charm. Add them with any pair of trousers and you are good to go.

Cargo Pants/Joggers by Jack and Jones

When it comes to trousers, Cargo Pants or Joggers have always been in the trend and every man might be owning at least one pair of them. Jack and Jones believes in being there for men when it comes to their apparel and has always remained in the limelight for the right reasons. Cargo pants or joggers by Jack and Jones are highly comfortable as well as trendy and can go on with you for years.

Rather than buying a dark coloured cargo pant or joggers, opt for something bright or colourful which will make you seem like a jolly person rather than a normal man. With such cargo pants or joggers, you will definitely stand out.

Shorts by

As the summer season is approaching, you will certainly need a few pairs of shorts to either sweat it out at the gym or just to go for a run around the neighbourhood. Either way, you certainly need shorts that are not only affordable but suit you with their colourfulness and already has that for you.

No need to run around stores to find those perfect pairs of shorts when you can buy them online. With minimal designs, subtle colour combos and soft fabrics, has got you covered.

Socks by The Urban Street

Most men hardly care about what type of socks they are wearing with their shoes as well as apparel. Some men are so careless that they don’t even match their socks. However, your socks matter as much as your shirts and pants. People do notice what type of socks you are wearing.

Here is where The Urban Street comes into the picture, bringing in some of the most stylish and colourful socks that you have ever imagined. Their designs are not only savage but also bring out your personality.


When it comes to playing Holi, you can wear white, black, or anything from the 90s that you wouldn’t have worn otherwise. However, when it comes to updating your closet, bringing in the colours of Holi and making it as colourful as you can is an essential now. Gone are the days when black was the trend and nothing else would have mattered in your wardrobe.

Whether it is a salmon shirt, yellow tinted sunglasses, red sneakers or green graphic tee, you must make a run for it and grab it before anyone else does. The best part about these products is that they are easily affordable and can be bought by you easily.

Apart from that, with these colourful apparel in your closet, you can easily mix and match your clothes and be a new you every day. Colourful clothes are nothing but a new way of making your options open when it comes to dressing up.

So if it is a date that you are going for, choose a salmon blazer rather than a black one and it is a work occasion go for a blue suit rather than grey one. Always keep your options open and don’t be scared to try out new colours (even red) for that matter.

The truth is that when it comes to dressing up, men mostly choose light colours rather than something bright and often opt for blacks, greys and whites. However, they need to reach out to their feminine side as well and be as colourful as their personality. They can always portray their personality by the way they dress up; through colours! It is not hard or late to do so, even a man in his 50s can go for colourful clothes. All you have to do is not look back. Happy Holi!

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