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Healthy Lifestyle tips for Men

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

No matter what you do to make a living in life, having a healthy lifestyle is very important for a man. Unhealthy habits like binge drinking, smoking or eating junk food can lead to several diseases that could be fatal for you. If you still do not have a healthy lifestyle, however, want to make certain changes in your life, read on.

Whether you are a construction worker, a journalist or the CEO of your own start up, your professional life can certainly load you with a million responsibilities that only you need to take care of. And of course, who can forget that you have your personal life as well, and need to prioritise your time for your friends and family. While a man is checking his work emails in the morning with his breakfast, he might be taking out extra time to take out his partner for a special, romantic date. Men mostly end up doing it all like a superhero, but often forget to take care of themselves in the simplest ways that they should be doing effortlessly. You can always practice some healthy lifestyle tips to live a long and better life. 

No matter how busy you may be, your lifestyle should not be disrupted due to unhealthy routines and manners. While you might have a tight schedule with back to back meetings lined up for the day, missing breakfast is not the only way of reaching work on time. 

Whether you run around the town while driving an Uber or have a desk job, there are some healthy lifestyle practices that you should always opt for. Let’s have a look at them below.

Eat Healthy

Sure, you might feel like ordering a large pizza after a tough day at work as you don’t feel like going to the kitchen and cooking a meal for yourself. However, do think twice before you start calling the restaurant. It would certainly not be a healthy choice for you to devour that whole pizza at one go. The better choice would be to eat something healthy, like a balanced meal. Rather than a pizza full of fat, eat a meal that includes proteins as well as carbs.


A good workout is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

When we talk about healthy lifestyle tips for men, working out is an important aspect as it helps you stay fit and keeps you at a healthy weight. If you do not believe in joining the local gym and lifting weights, then you can always go for jogging or brisk walking. It does not matter what you choose to do, the point is that you need to work out regularly. You could even ask your partner or a friend to join you while exercising to enjoy your workout sessions even more.

Sleep Better

In today’s era, sleep is not considered much important as men are either out all night to party or binge watching Netflix or working after hours to keep their managers happy. However, the truth is that sleep is very essential for a man as it is essentially the time that our body takes the rest and our mind is given the time to slow down. While you might think that your body still has enough energy to carry it on for drinking all night, it actually needs proper sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. So make sure that you do not disrupt your sleep by these unhealthy practices and go to bed on time.

Say No to Smoking

We understand that you have a stressful professional life and it often urges you to smoke when the work pressure is too much. However, smoking is one of the most unhealthy lifestyle habits a man could go for. If you have not started smoking yet, you are in luck. But if you do smoke and have become addicted to it already, you still have time and can try quitting it. Although easier said than done, as soon as you quit smoking, your body will start healing the damage that all that smoking had caused you. If you continue to smoke, it could lead to cancer in the future and its treatment can be quite painful.

Routine Tests and Screenings

Routine tests in men makes sure that they lead a healthy lifestyle.

Every man is different and has a different medical history. While you might have a family history of diabetes, your friend may have a family history of heart disease. When you are aware of such facts about your family’s medical history, you must not ignore them. Start getting tested and screened for different diseases that may get detected later if you do not get tested at an early age. However, apart from your family’s medical history, make sure you get tested for other diseases as well that may develop as you age. These tests and screenings should be done regularly or annually so that if anything is detected, you are able to treat it at an early age, when they are not fatal.


In order to live a healthy and long life, the above given healthy lifestyle tips are a must for you to apply in your life. These will help you to live an orderly and organised life and will keep most diseases at bay. The best part about living a healthy lifestyle is that it does not come at a cost and saves you from all those hospital bills as well!

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