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Handle with Care- Men’s Relationship with Self

Self-love, pampering, self-importance are some of the words we associate with ourselves when we want to have a healthy relationship with oneself. Thanks to millennials for amplifying the need for having a self-relationship! Having a good relationship with yourself is extremely crucial. Unknowingly, the way we treat ourselves is the ingredient to have good relationships with others as well! If you’re a man who’s often neglecting the requisites of having a positive self-relationship, it is time to have a self introspection! Here’s a guide to improve your relationship with self.

The way we let others treat ourselves serves as an important cue on how we address ourselves as adults. When we talk about having an improved relationship with self, a number of guidebooks and directories come in our way. It is crucial to choose the right option and apply them in our lives.

Men specifically when it comes to their own self have a skewed relationship. With society dictating how Men should treat their own feelings and emotions, many adult men end up in a trap of low self confidence and also self love.

Read on to discover the guide to improve your relationship with self:

Your health counts

A good relationship with self includes eating well nourished food.

Eating well, exercising well goes a long way in having a good relationship with oneself!

However, it involves more than just food and fitness.

First step towards this mantra is to appreciate what our body does for ourselves. Afterall, it is the vehicle that moves us throughout the day.

It is a human tendency to ‘not’ coddle our physical health until and unless we fall sick! It is necessary to take care of our health to ensure that our body doesn’t fall sick all of a sudden.

If you’re a working man and end up neglecting your health at times, putting some effort into meditating, eating a balanced diet and having a good sleep schedule would prove to be necessities towards having good physical health.

Turn down your inner critic

When you think about your biggest critic, does oneself count?

If this is so, buddy, things need to change!

The next time you’re thrashing yourself with criticism and self-hatred, step down the pedestal and think, would you hate a friend the way you’re doing so with self? Hell no!

Therefore, it is necessary to show yourself some compassion. As much as it is crucial to keep a check on your deeds, one needs to have a pause button! Give yourself some self love and appreciation and treat yourself in a way that you will treat your best Man.

Self care it is!

It is uncommon to see men and self-care go hand-in-hand, isn’t it?

As men, one must have heard the concept of being a rough, tough being with one tending to the needs of others.

However, self-care for men is as important as it is for any other gender. When we talk about self-care, it does not necessarily mean to go on a vacay mode or pampering.

Self-care can be sparing an hour or half with self. Journaling, going on walks, skin care or just cranking up the stereo and enjoying oneness are some instances of self-care.

Less judgement, more compassion

At times we find ourselves judging the way our peers dress, talk and work.

Let me spare an ugly truth, being judgemental is a sign of showing one’s insecurities.

Moreover, it is a deeply unkind thing to do. Stop yourself the next time you feel like judging the person in front of you. Instead, start with appreciating them.

Hold yourself back from joining in critical gossip if you find yourself surrounded by it.

Practising kindness and acceptance towards others is a step towards becoming more mindful about our own perspectives.


As men of modern times, relationship with self is the foundation for every other relationship one indulges in. It is probably the most important relationship!

A *study by Pitirim Sorokin, a pioneer in sociology and educator set out a connection between self love and altruistic love. One who has a positive relationship with self is more altruistic and empathetic towards others.

Therefore, it is important to be a good friend towards oneself. Fair to say, our relationship with self is the most intimate relationship of all. After all, we are the ones who have access to our inner selves!


Study by Pitirim Sorokin:

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