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Gifts for men this Valentine

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

And the season of love and gifting has arrived. Every valentine, we make sure to make the day special for our loved ones, by either taking them out or by gifting them something that they have been craving for. While this valentine, men might be scooting out gifts for you, why not give them a surprise to remember for a lifetime.

Every Valentine, women are given the spotlight even with media advertisements and brand campaigns, males are hardly set as the focus for the day. We wonder why. Maybe the whole ideology of masculinity, where a man is not supposed to be weak or show and feel vulnerable might be a cursor. Although, this ideology has been taking a backseat.

The current generation does not believe in gender and gender roles set by society. They believe in exploring and figuring out for themselves what they actually believe in and how they would want to be perceived by the society at large.

Keeping this in mind, and accepting the fact that men are ready to be vulnerable and show their real emotions; the fact that men are also craving to be noticed, loved, and cherished by their partners, we are of the thought that this valentine, let’s make our men feel happy and loved. And the best way to, well every man’s heart, is of course a lot of things. So, what should you give the man in your life this valentine?

We have a list for you:

Pleasure Box from MyMuse

If your relationship is in the honeymoon phase or may be even if its not, intimacy and sex can always make a relationship spicy and happening. A long distance relationship always demands intimacy and closeness, and we have the perfect gift for your Bae this season.

MyMuse is an Indian brand that is changing the scenario when it comes to love and intimacy, breaking the stereotypes and taboos of our society and aims at changing the bedroom experience. The brand offers a number of intimate products, which range from toys, intimate games, date night kits, massage oils, wearables with catch phrases and what not. Perfect gift ideas for your men, to set the mood right.

Philips Body Groomer

Yes, still talking about gifts for men. Your partner might love grooming themselves as much as you do. The truth of the matter is many men now prefer to be well groomed, and we are not talking just about the face.

This body groomer is perfect for men’s skin and is an excellent choice for grooming, even the intimate areas. The groomer comes with a bidirectional trimmer and a 3mm comb that makes sure that your man doesn’t get those stingy cuts.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Who doesn’t love music? Especially when love is in the air. A smart speaker might be exactly what you have been looking for to make those romantic date nights at home, more romantic with some music in the air. After a candle light dinner, which you both cooked and enjoyed, dancing to a slow music with dim lights, sounds like a scene from a romantic movie, which you and your partner might just be about to start.

Echo Dot can make that dream true with the music that you want to be played. The smart speaker has in-built alexa and can be operated in English and Hindi. A great addition to make in his den.

Sneakers from 7-10

Men love their shoes, be it formal shoes or sneakers. With the trend of sneakers becoming popular by the day, it is obvious that sneakers can be the best gift for your Bae this season of love.

7-10 is a homegrown product wishing to put India on the map of our favorite trendy sneakers. From the concept to designing and manufacturing, everything is done in the country. The sneakers are fashionable and break the conventional boundaries with their innovative designs and concepts. A perfect gift for your love.

SMOOR Chocolates

Chocolates do not have any gender. Just ask your partner once and you might just get the surprise of your life that they cherish chocolates as much as you do and actually crave that someday someone will also give them those luxury chocolates. Here is your chance.

SMOOR Chocolates has come up with Valentine’s specially curated gift boxes, that are just heaven to look at and will definitely remind you how chocolates speak the language of love and are best gifts for anyone. Why wait then?

Where to buy:

Jewellery for Men by Anayah Jewellery

We know that you are now doubting our article and think that we might have misspelled or are definitely wrong with our sources. We are not. This season of love, break all the boundaries and taboos, give your man something that might surprise them but definitely make their personality look better during every traditional or maybe even not so traditional event.

Anayah Jewellery now provides jewellery for him. These masterpieces can range from kurta buttons, brooches to even necklaces for men. A great gift for those who do not shy away from accessorizing themselves and being happy with making themselves glow!

Fresh Face Forward by The Man Company

A Valentine’s gift edition by The Man Company can be the very best gift that your man might love to use. A special voucher is also available for Valentine’s Day. The gift box includes sheet mask, moisturising cream, face wash, face scrub, EDP Ocean and a pouch to keep it all. Nothing can stop you and your partner to have a self care routine now.


Everyone loves gifts, be it men or women. Stereotyping materials as only things that can be used by a woman or a man makes less sense to any logic in our current world. So why try to make it complicated? Let’s spread love this Valentine’s Day! Best For Him wishes you all a love that will last. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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