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Gift a Vacation to Your Father, this Father’s Day

A father is the most important person that a son needs in his life while he is being raised. His father is his role model that he looks up to in life as well as imitates in most of the situations, especially when he is in trouble. You can call him dad, daddy, papa, paa or pops, but a father is a person who makes plenty of sacrifices, only to keep his children happy and safe.

While most of the kids, whether young or adult, opt to buy a present for their old man on International Father’s Day, you could take the next step and do something unique by planning a Father’s Day vacation for him. As he is always busy in his hectic life, living in a routine everyday, it is high time for you to give him a break from his boring job and make him relax on Father’s Day.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed out a few vacation destinations for you and your father that will be perfect for International Father’s Day. Have a look below:


If your father is into history and loves to learn about historical facts then Philadelphia is the destination for both of you this Father’s Day. Home to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, you will also find the Museum of the American Revolution here. Along with that, you can also enjoy the Art Museum Area Restaurant which runs June 11 through June 16 and June 18 through June 23. You can travel throughout the Old City and the Historic District to see the surprising local art. Philadelphia has a remarkable past which your dad will love to know about.


If your father is high on live music and Indiana Jones, Austin is the perfect vacation destination for the both of you as you will find tons of places offering live music as well as a memorable movie extravaganza. The Texas capital is home to the Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In which is open for movie screenings at this time. However, if a drive-in is not cool enough for you, you can always check out the theatre which screens the Indiana Jones series, ending with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which centres around Indiana and his father. Some other places to check out in Austin are- the Long Centre, The Driskill, the 6th Street and the Texas State Capitol.


Does your dad prefer to get a tan at the beach rather than trekking in the mountains? Then Miami is the destination for you on Father’s Day. You will be able to spend some quality time with your father at the beach while trying out the hoverboard. You can also opt for the speedboat adventure tours to get that Miami Vice vibe. If you want, you can also go for the sunset or night boat cruise for two hours, looking at the gorgeous city of Miami and enjoying the amazing view.


If your dad loves camping and adventure sports, Rishikesh is the place for him. Known for river rafting, your father will be able to go for it in the safest way possible. You can also try out bungee jumping in Rishikesh as well as sky cycling. Once the adventure is over, you can take a spiritual walk tour as well as go jungle camping or riverside camping to truly take in the fresh air of Rishikesh.

Napa Valley

If your father loves his wine collection and would love to add more to it, then Napa Valley is the place for your vacation. It has drop dead views of golden vineyards, beautiful wineries and Michelin star restaurants. Your father will be spoiled with some of the best wine tastings and tours. He can also indulge in some of the most amazing spa treatments, such as massages and facials, which will calm him down and bring inner peace to him. You can go biking as well as hiking if you wish to.


Does your father love golfing and his golfing kit is always in the back seat of his car? Welcome to Arizona! The state is home to more than 300 high-calibre golf courses, most of them located in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas. It is going to be play time for your dad and he will not stop thanking you for it. However, there are other places that you must visit in Arizona as well, such as the Majestic Theatre, GO RIO San Antonio Cruises, Sisters Grimm Ghost Tour and the Tower of the Americas.


Your father must have made plenty of sacrifices for you and as soon as you were born, he must have been loaded with certain responsibilities. These can be getting your homework finished, reaching on time to your Parent Teacher Meetings, taking you to football practice and much more. You might feel that a father hardly does anything for a child but he is always thinking about him, even when he is not in reach. Fathers always put on a smiling face, even when they are going through a turmoil. They could be loaded with work stress, financial issues and much more but they never talk about it, especially to you.

The least you can do for him is take him on a nice vacation, where he is indulging in all the fun activities and is not paying for anything, instead, you are. The above given destinations are some of the best ones for a Father’s Day vacation so whether you go to Rishikesh, Austin or Napa Valley, make sure that your father is able to make the most out of the vacation. Happy Father’s Day!

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