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Get those Silky Hair

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Are you looking to give your hair the makeover they require but are not keen to make a lot of effort? We are here for your rescue.

Wind in the hair with your charming smile getting all the attention that it needs. Sounds like a dream? Women are always complimented for their luscious silky hair where men generally struggle to get those silky mane.

If you are one of those who dream of silky hair and are currently trying out all the chemicals or whatever your spa guy tells you. Then we have news for you. There are some ways which take minimum effort and can give you your desired hair. How? Here is how:

Do not shampoo daily

As men generally have short hair, some have the tendency to shampoo their hair every time they get into shower. This in turn exposes your hair to all the chemicals daily and rather than giving you nice silky smooth hair, it damages them.

Shampooing daily can also strip away the natural oil from your scalp which is necessary for a good hair. Rather than shampooing daily, men can assign days of shampoo (twice or thrice a week) and stick to them. Also if you suffer from oily hair then dry shampoo is a good alternative.

Use products according to your hair type

Yes, you read it right man, everyone has a different hair and scalp type. If your hair is always greasy (which makes you wash them often) and feels like they get dirty easily then you have oil hair. On the other hand, men can have dry hair and scalp with dandruff as well.

Every scalp and hair needs different care and protection. Using oil based products for greasy hair will not do any good but will increase the oil. Same goes for dry hair. So, yes even men need to take their hair products seriously and choose wisely.

Always apply conditioner

That being said about hair types, men also need to make sure to use conditioner according to their hair. Skipping conditioner is not an option after shampoo, even if you think short hair dont need it.

While applying conditioner make sure that you let it sit for at least two to three minutes. Conditioners are necessary to lock in the moisture and help your hair heal from the damage. Conditioner also helps in giving protection from the sun and other harmful chemicals.

Hair masks to the rescue

Might sound like something that men generally do not do but believe me this could be a saviour. And also yes, hair masks exist. Using masks once a week can retain the oil in your scalp and give nutrition required for your hair. One can also use hair masks made at home and does not need to rely on the chemical stuff used in products available in the market.

These small efforts can make your health shiny, healthy and silky. These minimum efforts might take a bit of time to see any positive change but they are worth all the effort, time and patience from you.

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