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Get on a fitness journey with these Mobile Apps

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

We are amid another set of restrictions imposed due to the third outbreak of COVID19. This unrelenting pandemic has created various restrictions in conducting different regular activities especially with regards to fitness routines that usual men love doing in their everyday life. Workout is one of those activities that get directly hit due to the increase in the positivity rate in the country as a curb measure to halt the spread.

While these mandatory restrictions put a knee jerk halt to all levels of fitness freaks starting from freshers to experienced leaving all of them with no option to maintain their regularity in their workouts. This restriction has once again procrastinated the new year resolution for so many men around us.

However, fitness enthusiasts also believe that conducting a fitness routine always helps in increasing immunity and maintaining good health. The significance of the exercise has also been reinforced with Delhi Government’s ‘Aam Adami Party’ with a yoga program being organized especially for the COVID19 patient for their immunity building and faster recovery from this infection. While there are several underscored reasons to follow a healthy physical routine especially during pandemics, no man should let their workout regime stop despite the closure of gyms.

With the technological advancement taking place over the last two years, workout also has taken an easy work from home avatar where people can conduct easy to hard and different variety of workout patterns inside their houses and without dealing with the risk of catching the infection. While the regular fitness enthusiasts have continued home workouts since the first ever lockdown was imposed, there are still a large number of people who have not invested themselves into any such routine and are waiting for gyms to reopen to follow their new year resolution. However, with effective home workouts, this resolution can be transformed into a reality without any worry.

Let’s find some great online and mobile applications to start home workouts for beginners:

Nike training club

As the name suggests, this is a mobile application by Nike brand that helps beginners in starting their workout routine from home. Nike Training Club is a free mobile application that just needs a simple login to start with. This mobile application comprises a bouquet of workouts that gives a variety of exercises for people who want to try out different kinds of exercises in their routine such as yoga, aerobics, weight training and more. You can easily start any workout to do while this app explains the exercise and keeps track of time. This mobile application also keeps you updated with calories burnt, weekly exercise charts and boost your confidence with different batches and recognition. 


This is one of the world’s largest community-led online health and fitness platforms offering free and premium workouts on the basis of individual selection. This online workout platform offers more than 150 workout sessions designed by their in-house Fittr coaches that users can access according to their time and nature of the workout. Additionally, this mobile application also extends complete consultation for diet, training tools, healthy food recipes, live fitness sessions and solve queries of users to make the weight loss comprehensive and seamless. Interested men can take access to their online personal training sessions that are available to individuals and groups where their friends and family members can also join for joint workout sessions. 

My Fitness Pal

This mobile application and online website, My Fitness Pal is a website and mobile application-based fitness platform that offers a variety of tools to accompany you in your fitness journey. While this platform is filled with a collection of cardio and strength workouts, it is widely used for its healthy food database that comprises 300,000,000 options. This fitness platform allows you to have food and recipes in your selection for easy access. It supports you to track down your food intake along with healthy food recommendations. Men can easily get their personalized diet plans and fitness routine regimes designed based on their desired goals. 

5 Minutes Yoga

Designed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudevand, this mobile application provides yoga routines that are based on the science of Upa-Yoga. Not only physical strengthening but this application gives you yoga routines for your psychological benefits as well. This application guides workouts with the help of a video that can be performed along with the videos with complete demo and guided instruction videos helping you with the science of performing asanas in the correct forms. This application allows the saving option of videos that can be played later on without any access to the internet. 

Sarva Yoga

This is again a popular mobile application-based platform that gives complete yoga training to men who want to make yoga an integral part of their lives. Sarva Yoga application contains different programs to achieve different fitness goals and other goals such as flexibility, better sleep, boost immunity, etc. In this, a series of videos are given in each program that can be done every day to get desired results. This mobile application contains videos of various yogis who are experienced in their genre. Along with workout routines, this application also gives users a meditation and mindfulness regime for those who want to get into the journey of meditation. This application comprises videos for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. 


Get on with your fitness journey today with just one download from your application store and be the best and fittest version of you in this lockdown. Men, now depending on your gym to be fit is no longer an option. Rather than postponing your New Year’s resolution even this year, it is better to log in to these apps and see what suits you better. Get on your journey to be fit and healthy again!

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