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From a Brat to a Gentleman: First Date 101

Firsts are super-exciting but with that excitement comes a bit of nervousness. Many thoughts rush back and forth into your mind at a light-year speed. Don’t worry. We’ll slow you down. So, here are a few key tips that we think will help you be ever ready for this auspicious occasion.

Smell Well:

There is no bigger turn-off than a stinky Joe arriving at his first date smelling like garbage. You have to make sure you use the scent that goes with your vibe. If you want to pull-off that macho look then use a musky scent but if you want to pull-off a sweet look, then wear a light & fruity fragrance. These are just recommendations. Feel free to experiment but a day before the big day.

Use your signature look:

You must have heard the saying, “Don’t dress for the role you are in. Dress for the role you want to be in.” So, dress to impress. Many studies have shown that most populations of the planet have a soft spot for clean colours. So, avoid wearing something too fancy. A contrast of black, and white can do wonders. You can go with many other colours. Just be sure that your whole outfit goes with it. Whatever might be your wardrobe, make sure you feel comfortable in it.

Be On Time:

Nobody likes a man who makes them wait! Especially on the first date. First impressions do matter early on. So, make sure you don’t end something before it has even started. Reach the place that you’ve decided to meet 15 minutes early. These little things are what’ll make them feel special. Book a nice table with a view if you’re meeting at a fancy place.


Be patient! It’s the most important weapon in your arsenal. According to Dr. Matthew Fuller, MD, University of Utah, patience doesn’t go a long way in the case of men. “Men within 15 minutes of the first date decide whether there’s gonna be a second one or not.” I recommend taking a little more time. Be patient and listen to your date, give them space to open up and you will see wonders happening.


There is nothing sweeter than a well-thought-out gift. It can be anything. Don’t go too over budget. Even if you can afford something fancy, do remember, the intention behind the gift makes it more precious than its price tag. Be creative. It can be anything. Be it a painting made by you, or your homemade jam. Anything simple but sweet enough to last longer in their heart.


There is no secret sauce for perfecting the first date. So, just be yourself. Be calm, and relaxed. It’s just a date. Don’t forget to have fun. Firsts are always incomplete, and their incompleteness is what makes them full. So, we hope these tips lighten up your first date. If they did, feel free to drop down a comment.

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