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Traits to Imbibe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ Men

We all know that FRIENDS is undeniably one of the most popular American sitcoms. It aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004. Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the show lasted for 10 seasons. It reached a peak popularity throughout the last three seasons of the show. It is still extremely popular long after the airing stopped. Due to this popularity, on May 27, 2021, a special show with the original FRIENDS cast was broadcast; known as FRIENDS Reunion

With a bunch of lovable and popular characters, the show inspired a lot of its viewers. Surely, they are mixed with a lot of flaws, but we can’t say any of us is perfect. Ross, Chandler, and Joey make a lot of reckless and stupid decisions that we the real people might think twice before taking. Some of them are friendly, some are loyal, and some are just goofy.

This article tells us about FRIENDS men and their positive traits that can be imbibed. Let’s dive into the world of FRIENDS and find out what can we learn from the men of the show.

FRIENDS Men and their Positive Traits:

'Joey Tribbiani' played by Matt Leblanc

Whenever we hear the pick-up line “How You doin’?”, we remember the sweet, lovable, dimwitted, macho man. He was not originally planned to be like this, he was planned to be a macho self-centered womanizer. Later as the show progressed after season 2, we find a more lovable but hypocritical dimwit in him.

1. He is a loyal friend: a good-natured, kind-hearted friend. Let’s not lie, he is a womanizer and can hit on any woman successfully with his simplest actions. He would not call a lot of them after one night. But, if he knew his friends, Ross or Chandler were interested in that girl, he would not pursue them. It was evident when Joey dated Rachel for a brief period in season eight. He stopped dating her as soon as he realized she still had feelings for Ross and Ross was also still interested in her.

2. Joey was struggling with his career but he never lost his dream of becoming a famous actor. He worked as a cologne sampler, Entry-level processor, acting teacher, Christmas tree salesman, museum tour guide, and even a waiter. Yet, at the end of the series he moved from New York to Los Angeles to pursue this dream. A spinoff series called Joey was aired after the FRIENDS finale surrounding his story as a struggling actor in Los Angeles.

3. He is a child in his heart and does whatever makes him and his friends happy. His dimwit has been a running gag throughout the series, yet he would be the sharpest when his friends needed him to be. For all these reasons he is the most adorable character of the show.

'Chandler Bing' played by Matthew Perry

Chandler is your boring everyday IT guy, who earns a lot but hates his job. Yet he has a few character traits that most of them are lacking. Yes, there are some comically unrealistic characteristics in him like taking pranks too far or being too close (yet adorable) to Joey.

1. When we wish to talk about bromances in pop culture, we have to talk about Chandler and Joey. They are nothing alike. Despite this, there is no better chemistry than what these two buds have. (Only comparable to Monica and Chandler. See Chandler again!) He has supported Joey to the amount that it's almost like raising a kid of your own; that guy is your best friend too! He is also very supportive of his other friends.

2. He learns from his mistakes and has one of the best character developments of FRIENDS. He had problems with communication with Monica at the beginning of their relationship. He grew out of it and developed one of the best couples of TV shows. People talk a lot about having the kind of bonding they have. A best friend in your life partner; there is nothing more appealing than that.

3. Chandler does not fit in the group as he is not the guy who wastes a lot of time in a café. He is awkward, and unappealing, with a dry but witty humor. He never tries to hide any of these. He is not ashamed about it and even announces it to his friends and love interests. Like him accept your awkwardness. You never know, that might be your most memorable trait.

'Ross Geller' played by David Schwimmer

Ross is far from a perfect character. He had some major lows, but we will talk about them in a later article. Let’s now focus on his good sides as he is the most fan-favorite character of FRIENDS.

1. He is the most mature and nerdy guy among the characters of the show. He seems goofy and his hobbies and behaviors are different from his friends, Chandler and Joey. But this never comes in the way of their friendship. We can understand how to retain originality of character even under peer pressure.

2. He is a kind guy to anyone close to him. Earlier in the show all his girlfriends cheated on him and got away with misusing his kindness. This developed in him a paranoia and a nature of doubting everyone. Yet he remained a trusty helping hand, and a supportive person to his friends, girlfriend, and sister


3. The ones Ross loved; he loved them fiercely. And he made that clear to them. At times it becomes too much. But it is his instinct to be overprotective. He took good care of Rachel and Monica. He was always there for them whenever they needed him, no matter what.


There are other minor male characters in the show with memorable character traits. But this article covers only the good characteristics of the three major male characters in FRIENDS namely Chandler, Ross, and Joey. Even if you are not a fan of any of those characters, these features are useful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and social life. Try to imbibe these traits in your daily life taking inspiration from the characters. Yes, do not follow any character blindly be it real or fictional. Be rational and try to see the best traits in the mess of stories and plots that a sitcom creates. Hope you have a good day.

Written By - Indraneil Mukherjee.

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha.

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