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Foods Men can rely on for better Sexual Health

There are a lot of medical treatments available for the improvement in men’s sexual health, but what if you can gain the same, by making some lifestyle changes? A good nutritious diet can give a boost to your body and sexual health. Foods for sexual health might sound tricky but can easily become a part of a healthy diet.

Good food is a way to good health. It is necessary to take care of what you are consuming as it plays a major role in your hormone and energy levels. Quality foods can definitely be a solution to problems related to sexual health.

The most common issue faced by men these days is Erectile Dysfunction. Apart from taking the medication recommended by doctors, there are foods that help you get rid of this naturally. Jogged your curiosity?

Maintaining a good sexual health is necessary as issues with it it can trouble your personal life. However, just making some lifestyle changes and having a healthier diet can enhance your sexual health. Ultimately resulting in a better sex life.

According to a *study published by the National Library of Medicine, men who eat fruits and vegetables have lower chances of having prostate cancer than those who don’t consume much of it.

If you are eating lots of fatty and junk food, wait there! You should stop doing that at once. It not only increases your weight but can also clog small blood vessels of your penis, resulting in some uneven problems with your health.

For all of this to heal in a healthy way, nutrient rich foods can provide benefits to you in many ways – from helping in curing erectile dysfunction, keeping your reproductive and sexual organs in a healthy state to even improving your blood flow to the organs. A good diet will also make sure that you have a good level of energy, stamina and libido.

As we said, a good diet makes sure that your bodily functions are healthy. Here are some of the foods you can add in your diet-


Since our childhood we all have heard from our mothers and grandmothers to eat green leafy vegetables, but have we actually listened to them? Nada.

Although it’s never too late!

Spinach is not only super good in taste, but has super benefits too. It’s a super rich source of folate. The folic present in spinach plays a crucial role in male sexual function. Apart from folic acid benefits it has a good amount of magnesium which boosts blood flow and improves testosterone levels.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The statement is nothing but true. Apples help in maintaining penis health and apple peels contain ursolic acid that may reduce the prostate cancer cells. Who knew that those juicy apples can be so beneficial.


The surprise package! We know that it is being used in making food or can be eaten in a salad form. And many of you will run away if we start talking about eating just boiled carrots. But, by eating carrots you can actually improve and increase your sperm count and keep the prostate gland healthy.


Avocado is an amazing food for sexual health.

Add avocado to your healthy food list. It contains an amazing amount and properties of vitamin E which may be helpful in improving sperm quality in men with infertility. Consuming it in good quantity will surely help you in a good blood flow and is more useful when it comes to sexual performance.


It’s like winning a lottery, when you win that money it can benefit you in a lot of ways. Same is the case with tomatoes.

Tomatoes are said to be very beneficial for men’s health. It can help in improving prostate health, fertility issues and results in healthy erection by improving blood flow of the penis region which also benefits with your sperm count.


Watermelon is a good food for sexual health.

Who doesn’t love watermelon? It is one of the best things that can happen in summers! Besides its delicious taste, it is said to be natural form of viagra, an amino acid that helps in better regulation of blood to the sexual organs. Definitely one of the great foods for sexual health.

Dark chocolate

Today, there are many of us who prefer dark chocolates more, right? And we all love the delicious taste and smell of it. But what if you get to know other benefits of it?

One of them is that it helps in improving erections. It contains flavonoids which makes it easier for the blood to flow resulting in strong erection.


We are all pretty aware that having a healthy diet is one of the major requirements to keep our body active and fit. Apart from exercising it is important that we provide our body with a good amount of nutrition and vitamins.

Men, now a days take help of powdered proteins and even medicines to make sure that they have a healthy sex life. Although this can be achieved even by making sure that we consume a good healthy and nutritious diet.

Foods for sexual health can not only give your body the boost that it requires, they also make sure that there is proper blood flow and your body receives nutrition along the way.


Study published by the National Library of Medicine:

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