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Food Men should avoid if they have High Cholesterol

In this fast pace of life, are we able to keep a check on our eating habits? Not really right. We the busy bee’s neglect that health should be our first priority. Today, half of us are suffering from health issues because of high cholesterol. It’s better to make our food choices right before it gets too late.

Not able to gain a healthy balance between your work life and health? Understand that you are not alone. We are now living in an environment where everyone wants to get their work done fast. The deadlines are always near, creating stress and anxiety in men.

And many times, in order to achieve these never ending deadlines, men sacrifice their health during the process. Even when they know that good health is the only way that a man can be productive at work and give out their best.

Every man in his field wants to be the very best and be at the top of his competitors. In no way they do not want to be part of this rat race, even when that takes a toll on their health.

However, we can ensure that being part of the rat race while taking a toll on health is not the only option out there. You can still perform your very best at work and be at your finest when it comes to health.

Although, due to increased pressure, anxiety, food habits and many other things, many young men go through the problem of an increased cholesterol. Their rising cholesterol level becomes a risk of many cardiac problems and leads them to be conscious of what they eat. Men who have an issue with rising levels of cholesterol should restrict themselves to foods that have lower content of it.

A rising cholesterol level in any man can lead to other health issues like cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, diabetes and even fat deposits in blood vessels.

We of course understand that it is not easy to change one’s eating habits within a day or a week. Although, if you are suffering from high cholesterol levels, there is no other way but changes in your lifestyle, which can help you out. In order to make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle and be able to control your cholesterol levels, here are some food items that you should avoid at all cost:

Fried foods

French fries with tasty dips, onion rings, potato wedges, chicken, sounds like a meal that you will love to have, right? Well, don’t. Fried foods might be great in taste but are your worst decision if you have high cholesterol.

To avoid the high cholesterol intake, use olive oil, air fryers or eat baked foods that could possibly help you out in lowering the chance of high cholesterol.


Many men enjoy different dishes which are made from meat like bacon, sausages and others. But one important thing to note is that these all are high cholesterol foods and should be consumed in limitations.

According to the *National Library of Medicine, high consumption of meat can increase chances of heart disease and certain types of cancer. And hence anyone with even a little bit of high cholesterol should avoid them.

Fast foods

Fast foods has high cholesterol levels.

Fast foods have become the top choice for everyone, one can also become obsessed with them and include them in all their meals. But the fact is that high intake of fast foods can become a risk factor for health. Regular consumption of these foods can cause more belly fat, high cholesterol, inflammation and uneven levels of blood sugar. To reduce levels of cholesterol, switch to healthy home cooked foods.


Cheese is loved by all, whether it is in a burger, pizza, sandwich, or is getting used in other foods. We always prefer the dishes that have cheese rather than those that do not. Having a mini portion of cheese is fine but having it too much will not result in favourable outcomes. Cheese should be eaten in a limited form as it contains high levels of saturated fats.


Desserts are bad for High Cholesterol levels.

Excess of anything can be risky and the same goes with the desserts. Cake, chocolates, pastries, ice cream and other sweet items are extremely high in cholesterol level. It can also cause a sudden weight gain, fat deposits and can risk health with diabetes, obesity and heart related issues. 

Packaged foods

Packaged foods like donuts, cakes, biscuits should be consumed less as they have a high ratio of fats and calories. If you have these frequently it can lead to a drastic increase in your cholesterol levels.


We understand the cravings that one can have when it comes to foods. Although, in today’s world it is very important that a man not only be active in the workplace but also very conscious of what he is putting in his body.

Ofcourse, you can have your cheat days and days where you have these unhealthy food items in limited quantities. But never on a daily basis. Have foods that have low cholesterol content in them and keep you away from the risks of high cholesterol food and diseases related to it.


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