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Fashion Trends for Men this 2022

Fashion is one field that changes with time. With each year comes a new look for men, whether we talk about tees, shirts, suits or trousers and helps them in making a fashion statement with their look. While some men keep up with the trends as they change, some men are hardly able to keep up with the changing styles and keep wearing the same old look that they had for a decade.

Whether we talk about athleisure or high street fashion, the trends keep changing as the years pass by and now in the year 2022, the fashion trend for men to completely stand out from others as well as be optimistic. The major themes found in the Paris, London, New York and Milan Fashion Week was all about hope as well as freedom. While it was centred around minimalism and muted tones, the ‘less is more’ approach was no longer remaining a trend in 2022.

The ‘more is more’ approach was much in focus with happy colours and playful patterns in the men’s closet. The fashion trend in 2022 is much more outgoing and bold. If you are up for that and want to keep up with today’s fashion trends, you are up for a fashion ride. Let us have a look below.

Robe Style Jacket

Jackets have taken a loose twist and turned into a robe style one this year. A robe style jacket is perfect for those cold winter months like December and January and can be worn over any sort of outfit that you are wearing. Styled like a bathrobe, these jackets are tied around the waist with a belt and the hemline falls beneath the knee. A robe style jacket in fur or leather will be perfect for your closet.


The turtleneck is back in town and men have been aiming for this trend for a while now. In fact, turtlenecks will be dominating men’s fashion in 2022 as it looks good on any man and can be layered underneath any jacket. Apart from that, printed, colourful as well as cropped turtlenecks will always assist you in making a fashion statement no matter what type of trousers you pair it with.

Shirt Essentials

Loose shirts have never trended in fashion and neither are trending in 2022 for men. Well fitting shirts are the trend this year so check your closet for them. Ditch those loose shirts that you wore to hide your pouch or the tight shirts that showcased your biceps. Only the best fitting shirts have to remain in your wardrobe. Tall fitting shirts can be given a try if you have broad shoulders or long arms. They have an added stretch so you will be comfortable while you look dapper.

Super Structured Shoulders

Super structured shoulders are in for men in the year of 2022 whether we talk about sweaters or jackets. They add a little drama and power to your silhouette and give that confidence boost that you needed. Super structured shoulders can be found in long jackets, sweaters as well as jumpsuits for men that you cannot ignore if you are a fashionista.

Going Maximal

2022 is all about being bold with fashion and maximalism is all about that. Instead of being minimal in fashion, maximalism has replaced it and men are now going maximal. This means you can choose a head to toe repetitive pattern or choose a loud print that suits you as well as you can carry off. Pieces such as exaggerated silhouettes, extra long cardigan as well as wide leg trousers are in when men are styled. Apart from that, cut off sleeves and teared off ripped jeans are in fashion in 2022 for men. This is showtime for you to showcase those muscles you had been working on.

Puffer Jacket

The past two winters have seen puffer jackets everywhere, globally, and with puffer jackets on the runway this year, we expect it to be on the trending list for men for now. This quilted material has been becoming highly popular since a while and is a great outwear to make a fashion statement in the winter season for outdoor functionality as well as athletics. You can always add a pair of hiker style boots with it to complete the look.

Being Bold

Being minimal has become yesterday; today is all about being bold, whether it is about prints or colours. Happy colours make a happy you so why not go for some coloured and fashionable outfits that set the day for you. Bright colours and bold prints are trending as well as in fashion so any man can go for it without giving a second thought. Apart from that, colours such as acid green, striking blue as well as electric yellow have taken the centre stage in 2022.

However, these hues aren’t replacing the comforting neutral but in fact complimenting them. A pop of red or pink will be the best decision you ever made in your style statement. Apart from that, the prints are a breath of fresh air with psychedelic swirls, digital patterns and painterly florals. Adding colours to your sneakers can also be a great option!

The 90s Comeback

The Retro 90s are back with their logos as well as their leather! The baseball caps and the snapbacks are in with the obvious branding on the runway. Apart from that, tees and sweatshirts with huge logos are back on the runway as well. Men need to grab all of these as soon as possible, pairing them with their loosest fitting jeans to look ‘da bomb’!

Sustainable Choices

Mother nature has been kept in mind while thinking about the latest trends as well as fashion for the year of 2022 for men. In order to maintain a greener planet, certain sustainable brands have come up with a line of sustainable clothes for men that can save the planet. These are cruelty free brands that can help you reduce your fashion footprint. However, you will still be wearing the trendiest of clothes and will be in style no matter what.


Fashion trends will come and go but men are the ones who have to make the choice if they want to remain in style or not. These are some of the top fashion trends that are going on today and are available for you anywhere. These are some of the brashest as well as the bravest trends that are going on currently and if you are bold enough to carry them, you can get on board with them.

The best part about some of these fashion trends is that you don’t have to worry about being overdressed as maximalism is the focus. Popping out a colour or too is not the tension that you have to take as it is in fashion right now.

Apart from that, whether you are going for a social gathering or a date, if your fashion game is on, you will not have to worry about making a good impression. Your outfit will be doing the right job. Trendy, coloured chunky sole sneakers are better than a white converse any day. Along with that, that well fitting shirt with well polished shoes will talk all about your style statement. You don’t even have to flaunt about your menswear as your clothes will do the job.

Such outgoing and forward fashion trends have come into the light after a long time. However, they are here to stay, whether you believe it or not. It is high time that you ditch those old clothes and go shopping to buy some of the most trendy as well as fashionable clothes that talk about your personality in a positive manner. No need to look back at that minimalism fashion trends as well as the minimal clothes that you had in your wardrobe.

Although they will compliment your new, trendy clothes, they still need to be in the background while the trending outfits of 2022 are exhibited. Remember that you want to remain fashionable and want to make a style statement rather than wearing off the old trends that are no longer worn by other men.

So if you are ready to take the fashion roller coaster ride, get on board with these 2022 menswear fashion trends and look suave as well as dapper. Even a baseball cap with a huge branding can do wonders for you. Whether you are going for a party or just meeting your friends at a bar, those super structured shoulders will certainly make a style statement for you. Good luck!

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