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Fashion Inspiration From The Male Celebs Of 70's

Men in stylish outfits

The 1970s was a transformative era in every sense, and nowhere was this transformation more evident than in the world of fashion. Male celebrities of the time were not just actors or musicians; they were style pioneers whose influence reverberated through the decades. From the bohemian chic of the early '70s to the disco dazzle of the later years, these icons defined an era's fashion sensibilities. In this article, we take a deep dive into the wardrobes of 20 male celebrities from the 1970s, exploring their iconic styles and discovering how you can incorporate these timeless investigates into your modern wardrobe.

Inspiring Icons Of The '70s

The Bohemian Chic of Robert Redford

Robert Redford
Image Source: IMDb

Robert Redford’s effortless charm epitomized the bohemian style of the early '70s. Think wide-brimmed hats, flowing shirts, and bell-bottom jeans. Embrace this look with earthy tones, suede jackets, and accessories like beaded necklaces and leather bracelets.

The Maverick Edge of Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood exuded rugged masculinity in the '70s. His signature look involved denim jackets, cowboy boots, and timeless aviator sunglasses. Embrace the cowboy spirit with denim shirts, rugged boots, and a touch of leather in your accessories.

The Allure of Al Pacino’s Classic Suits

Al Pacino brought the charm of classic suits to the '70s. Tailored to perfection, his suits were characterized by wide lapels and bold patterns. Invest in well-fitted suits with a hint of retro patterns to capture Pacino’s sophisticated allure.

The Laid-Back Cool of Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen
Image Source: IMDb

Steve McQueen’s style was all about simplicity. Well-fitted turtlenecks, aviator sunglasses, and perfectly tailored denim defined his look. Embrace this casual elegance with quality basics like white tees, denim jackets, and chinos.

The Glamour of David Bowie’s Androgynous Fashion

David Bowie challenged gender norms with his androgynous style. Glitter, platform boots, and bold patterns were his trademarks. Embrace this glam rock look with metallics, sequins, and daring makeup choices.

The Dazzle of John Travolta’s Disco Fashion

John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” became the face of disco fashion. His white suit symbolized the flashy, glamorous style of the disco era. Recreate this look with tailored white suits, wide lapels, and dance-ready dress shoes.

The Intellectual Quirkiness of Woody Allen

Woody Allen’s intellectual look was characterized by tweed jackets, corduroy pants, and oversized glasses. Embrace your inner intellectual with smart layers, berets, and loafers, experimenting with patterns and textures.

The Effortless Style of Paul Newman

Paul Newman
Image Source: IMDb

Paul Newman’s style was timeless and refined. Tailored blazers, crisp shirts, and well-fitted trousers were his go-to choices. Invest in classic, well-tailored pieces to capture Newman’s timeless elegance.

The Boho Vibe of Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix epitomized the bohemian rockstar look. Think fringed jackets, paisley prints, and embroidered vests. Embrace your inner rockstar with these elements, adding a touch of rebellion to your style.

The Swagger of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali’s confidence transcended the boxing ring. He rocked tailored suits with unmatched swagger. Invest in well-fitted suits, bold ties, and pocket squares to exude Ali’s charismatic confidence.

The Eccentricity of Elton John

Elton John was the epitome of '70s eccentricity. His style involved flamboyant costumes, oversized sunglasses, and daring patterns. Embrace your unique style with bold colours, statement accessories, and creative patterns.

The Sophistication of Sean Connery’s Bond Style

Sean Connery
Image Source: IMDb

Sean Connery as James Bond showcased timeless sophistication. Think tailored tuxedos, sharp suits, and refined accessories. Invest in classic suits, crisp white shirts, and black bow ties for that Bond-esque charm.

The Rebel Spirit of James Dean

James Dean’s rebel spirit was evident in his leather jackets and white tees. Embrace this iconic look with a classic leather jacket, well-fitted jeans, and a plain white tee. Add a hint of attitude, and you're channelling Dean’s rebellious vibe.

The Charming Coolness of Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds embodied the charm of the '70s with his unbuttoned shirts and charismatic smile. Embrace his laid-back coolness with unbuttoned shirts, linen trousers, and loafers, exuding effortless charm.

The Iconic Safari Style of Robert Redford in “Out of Africa”

In “Out of Africa,” Robert Redford showcased iconic safari style. Think khaki trousers, linen shirts, and rugged boots. Embrace this adventurous look with neutral tones, breathable fabrics, and practical accessories.

The Dapper Flair of Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire
Image Source: IMDb

Fred Astaire’s dapper style was characterized by tailored suits and polished shoes. Embrace this timeless elegance with well-fitted suits, silk ties, and leather dress shoes, showcasing a suave sophistication.

The Playful Style of Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson’s playful style involved colourful shirts, round sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats. Embrace this whimsical look with vibrant shirts, funky accessories, and quirky hats, adding a touch of Nicholson’s playful spirit to your wardrobe.

The Rockstar Chic of Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger’s rockstar chic involved leather jackets, skinny scarves, and tight jeans. Embrace this rebellious look with leather jackets, statement scarves, and slim-fit jeans, channelling Jagger’s rockstar charisma.

The Chic Simplicity of Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford’s style was rooted in simplicity and practicality. Think casual shirts, denim jeans, and leather jackets. Embrace this effortless chic with versatile basics, showcasing a blend of comfort and style.

The Quirky Charm of John Lennon

John Lennon
Image Source: IMDb

John Lennon’s style was eclectic, featuring round glasses, military jackets, and whimsical prints. Embrace his artistic charm with unique eyewear, unconventional jackets, and creative patterns, adding a touch of Lennon’s artistic spirit to your fashion repertoire.


The male celebrities of the 1970s were not just figures of admiration; they were fashion visionaries whose styles continue to inspire and resonate with us today. By channelling the essence of these iconic personalities, you can infuse your wardrobe with a timeless elegance that captures the spirit of an era. Whether you're drawn to the bohemian allure of Robert Redford, the rockstar charisma of Mick Jagger, or the rebellious spirit of James Dean, there’s a '70s style that can seamlessly blend with your personality.

Fashion is a canvas upon which we paint our identities. By embracing the styles of these 20 male celebrities, you're not just wearing clothes; you're telling a story, capturing the essence of an era that defined fashion, rebellion, and self-expression. So, step into the shoes of these legends, let their styles guide you, and embark on a fashion journey that echoes the timeless elegance of the 1970s.

Written By: Manjusha Jha

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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