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Essentials every man should own before the age of 30

Essentials are there for a reason. They are irreplaceable items that everyone needs everyday that makes life easier and more organised. From wardrobe to fashion to bedroom and bathroom essentials. Men are also in need of everyday essentials that cover not only their style but also little aspects of their life. 

Essentials have no age for owning them, but there are some essentials that a man must have before they hit the age of 30 to make their life more organised and prepare them for the responsibilities that they will undertake further in life. Let’s look at what they are and why it is essential.

Lint remover

A lint remover is a must have for every man. It is not a fashion essential but one that is needed to make you look presentable and clean. A lint remover is a cheap essential that you can buy from most stores near you. A lint remover will help your clothes last longer and make them look fresh and clean just when you had bought them. They are what you can call a ‘shaver for your clothes’. Invest in this essential as soon as possible so that it makes your clothes look sharp and clean while also making you look great!

EDC tray

An EDC or an Everyday Carry Tray is one of the smallest yet the best possible investments you can make in your twenties. They help you to keep your everyday carry items in one place which not only keeps it organised but also makes it easier to find them because you know where they are. You can keep your keys, watch, wallet and any small paperwork that you carry with you everyday. Their affordability ranges based on preference of style as they can come very cheap and simple to something exquisite and royal. 

Handheld steamer

A handheld steamer is a greater investment than the traditional iron. It’s light, portable and makes ironing your clothes much easier. You can get them at affordable prices and will be of great value to your daily life. Let’s be honest, most men are way too lazy to iron their clothes, making their clothes look shabby and also worn out. Invest in this essential and your clothes will thank you for the years to come.

Shoe cleaning kit

A shoe cleaning kit comes in handy especially if you have sneakers. A shoe cleaning kit is a must for any modern man because it keeps your sneakers clean and brand new. No one wants to wear sneakers that have a worn down look especially in the white aress, it is affordable and surely will help you in the long run.

Stain remover pen

The stain remover pen will prove to be a life-saver if you invest in one. It is a small pen that helps you remove stains such as while eating food or any sort of dirt. This keeps your clothes looking clean on the go and saves you the embarrassment of letting people know what you had a few minutes ago.

Manicure kit

Every modern man needs a manicure kit. When it comes to grooming men mostly focus on their beard and hair, but grooming also includes your ears and your nails too. Invest in a good manicure kit so that you don’t appear as a caveman in front of your friends and your potential dates. It is an essential that will keep you neat and clean and give the impression of a healthy man.

Shoe trees

Shoe trees are an essential that is often overlooked by most men. A shoe tree is a rectangle cardboard or plastic object that is placed inside the shoes. It will help your shoes retain their original size and prevent it from losing its shape or even worse, tear. A man’s shoe is one of the most stylish accessories that he can afford, hence invest in some shoe traces to keep your hard earned shoes fresh and last long.

Wooden hangers

Hangers are a great investment for keeping your clothes in your wardrobe organised and easy to find, but most hangers are poor in quality and are made from stainless steel. This can damage your clothes or put irreparable stains. Hence, investing in some good old fashioned wooden hangers will make your clothes thank you. Plus it is also a great styling piece for the wardrobe. Wooden hangers have the impression of a successful, organised and attractive man.

Watch box

A watch box is a must for any stylish man as it is a great place to keep your watches organised and on display. If you invest more on it you can get a rewinder box that’ll keep your watches organised and also keep it rewinded so that you do not have to face the hassle of rewinding it sometimes.

Power bank

We are living in a time where our smartphones have everything, from payment methods, to mails, to phone calls and even meetings. Investing in a power bank will help you keep your phone charged on the go and will save you the anxiety of watching your phone’s battery drained out. It is an essential for any busy man. But always keep yourself reminded to charge the power bank once in a while so that it is always ready for you to carry.


The mentioned items are all essential in a man’s life irrespective of his age. But if you can acquire most of it before the age of thirty you will have no problem down the road of your life. It also helps you get into the habit of keeping things organised and make your life much easier everyday.

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