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Essential Apps for Men

Updated: Jul 19

Whether you own an Android phone or an iOS one, smartphones are the need of the hour in today’s era. With an app for every need in your smartphone, today you can buy groceries, order new cuisines, find new recipes and even count your calories through numerous apps. There are certain apps that a man must have on his smartphone and if you have no idea about these apps, have a look at them.

Need to buy a new shirt for your next date? Buy it online through your phone! Too bored of waiting at the doctor’s clinic? How about solving a crossword puzzle on your phone? Not only this, but you can opt for many more unimaginable things through one click on your phone with the help of the several applications or apps that are available to men. These apps have been made to help out men whenever they are in dire need, no matter in what way. Whether you need to shop, order food, watch a movie or need something else, these apps will always assist you.

Keeping that in mind, we have a few apps in mind that a man must always have in his phone, no matter what. Have a look below to know more.

The New York Times

These apps will make your life comfortable.

In today’s time, the most important thing for a man is to be updated with the world as well as to know exactly what is going around him. As a man is often too busy in his personal and professional life to keep a check on it, he can always download the New York Times app on his phone to make sure that he learns about the important news. The best part about this app is that it does not only feature content from the Times but other publications as well.


Meditate with help of smartphone apps.

As a man, you must be spending time in a lot of hectic situations, such as work and in relationships. This can often build up stress and make you feel that there is no end of it. However, during such times, what you really need is meditation as well as mindfulness. When you are mindful, you are able to get the right amount of sleep, rest as well as exercise. Using this app is quite crucial for a man if he wants to remain healthy.


We completely understand when you miss out on your friend’s birthday or even your own birthday party. There is too much to do for you and not enough time. Just like the app Pocket, which contains almost the whole internet for you but of course you cannot devour it all. Unable to read that article you have been trying to read all week? Pocket will store it for you until you find time, even if you are offline. This is the app where you can stockpile all those stories, videos, articles and much more for those business flights when there is no Wi-Fi.


Keep your weight in check with the help of smartphone apps

If you are one of those men too who make sure to plan their meals as well as count their calories, then we believe you already have MyFitnessPal on your phone. When it comes to tracking your meals, this app has made it very easy for a man to do so with its huge database that is constantly growing. Recording your meals has never been so easy.

Mod Man

Mod Man is the real shopping app for the busy man who doesn’t even have the time to shop for himself. If you want to look fashionable but have no idea what to wear, this is the right app for you. It helps you digitise your wardrobe so that you can look through it and find the very best option for yourself. 


Whether we talk about health or fashion, a busy man certainly needs the above given apps on his phone. They will only be able to help him out in life. Along with that, most of these apps are free of cost and don’t need any kind of payment during the downloading.

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