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Easy to make foods for guests

Men can cook. How do I know? It’s 2021! That’s why. Even if some of you can’t, don’t panic. We’ve tailored 4 lip-smacking recipes that you can savour with your guests. Let’s get started:

Bread poha:

If you’re a busy fellow, and like to keep the stomach light. You can savour this delicacy at any time of the day. An easy to make recipe, this is perfect for those uninvited guests, who come un-announced.


  1. Multigrain or whole wheat bread

  2. Tomatoes

  3. Onions

  4. Capsicum

  5. Olive oil or Desi ghee

  6. Ketchup or saunth

  7. Haldi

  8. Salt

  9. Other spices as per your taste bud preference


Preheat the pan. Put some ghee into it, and heat it. Fry finely chopped veggies on medium flame for five minutes. Now, take the multi-grain or whole wheat bread and rip them and put them into the pan. Add salt and haldi alongside with spices. Mix it thoroughly for 5 minutes, and it’s ready.


This traditional Indian snack will leave your mouth watering. It’s too delicious for spice lovers. I’m afraid if you don’t love spicy foods then this one’s gonna disappoint you. Perfect mouth water food item for the guests.


  1. Dry bhel

  2. Himalayan Salt

  3. Chat masala

  4. Bhelpuri Masala

  5. Onions

  6. Tomatoes

  7. Capsicum

  8. Saunth and Ketchup

  9. Mint leaves


Have some dry bhel? If not, get some. Now, chop fresh onions and tomatoes. Throw some boiled potatoes, and chickpeas in the mix.

Shower it with Himalayan Salt, chat masala, and bhelpuri masala.

Put some homemade saunth(brown sugar sauce) or ketchup into the whole mix. Garnish with fresh organic dhaniya, and Voila! It’s ready.

Dry fruit salad:

One of the most simple, and probably the healthiest recipes on our list. Despite going nuts because of winters, it’s better you have some nuts.


  1. Almonds

  2. Cashews

  3. Walnuts

  4. Raisin

  5. Dates

  6. Pistachios

  7. Maple Syrup(Blueberry or Strawberry flavour)


Put a handful of cashews, Californian almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and raisin in a bowl. Don’t miss out on dates. They are rich in potassium and are helpful in preventing strokes. We would recommend Omanian dates.

To make it a desert, put some blueberry or strawberry maple syrup on it. A perfect salad for winter is ready!

Suji Halwa:

This Desi desert is timeless. If you’re an Indian, then you must’ve had it at a dargah or even a five star restaurant. It’s everywhere.


  1. A bowl of Suji

  2. A ladle full of Desi Ghee

  3. A bowl of water or preferably milk(if you’re not lactose intolerant)

  4. A ladle of Demerara sugar or refined sugar


Put a bowl of suji in kadai. Add two ladle of pure desi ghee in it, and roast the mixture on a medium flame. Add some sugar in it according to your own preference. I have a sweet tooth, so I’ll be the wrong one to tell my sugar preference to a diabetic. Don’t forget to add a bowl of full-cream milk or water to it. Stir for 15-20 minutes, and you’re welcome!

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