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Drinking mistakes and how to avoid them

Everyone loves an evening with friends full of booze and chakna, even the people who don’t drink. For the people who do, drinks make everything slightly better and more fun. A highlight reel can be made when people who don’t drink do weird things, in effect to their drunk friends but anyone can fall prey to these drinking mistakes. 

It is about time that you realise that this fun time can easily turn into a disastrous night in the blink of an eye. Drunk incidents like calling an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, getting sick in front of your crush or picking a fight can all end up embarrassing you and it can get hard to bear. From the ones who have been through this, these disasters can be easily avoided just by making your drinking habits a little efficient. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid making when drinking socially.

The wrong chaser

We usually end up using lime juice/ or transparent sodas as a chaser but it is not recommended as each form of liquor has a different high, taste and texture. Utilising the right chaser will enhance these factors giving you a better high and less hangover the next day. For example, energy drinks are a good match for tequila, gin and brandy, we all know rum goes best with colas, cranberry juice is a good companion for vodka. Similarly, you can check out chasers to go with depending on the type of alcohol you plan on consuming.

Drinking on an empty stomach

A wise man once said, “it is always a bad idea to drink on an empty stomach”. Firstly, drinking with an empty stomach will get you drunk faster and for some people it makes them sick as well. You should also not resort to overeating but having something carb-rich before taking a sip might be enough. Having a snack with drinks is also equally important.

Not drinking ample water

A lot of people use water as a chaser and it is the best choice as it isn’t fizzy and fits well with almost every kind of liquor. It tastes well with every drink and helps to keep you hydrated. But for those who don’t, make sure you consume plenty of it before going to bed. This will keep you hydrated through the night and will also make your mornings easier.


Drinking games are fun and all but a chugging competition isn’t the best game you will play with a full stomach. Chugging any drink will end up getting you drunk faster and there is a high chance that you will get sick and throw up.


We have already mentioned how alcohol tends to dehydrate the body. Caffeine has the same effect, so having coffee the next morning might not be the best cure for your hangover. Some people have stuck to this method for ages but there is no conclusive proof that it makes the hangover better. For people who regularly drink coffee, it might make it better due to the fact that it is a habit and that is how they feel after waking up. In our opinion, the best cure would be drinking lots of water, light breakfast, dairy and juices.

In the end, we would like to say that don’t push yourself to an extent where the body cannot take more pressure and cannot hold the liquor. Some people don’t like wine because it gives them headaches but some always throw up when consuming scotch or whiskey. It is better to do some research and know your poison when drinking socially.

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