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Dress Boots that are a must have

We’ve all been there: you put together an A1 outfit for a big night out, but something is off. Is it because of the suit? No, it’s perfectly tailored. Shirt? Crisp, white, and perfectly pressed. Accessories? Perfectly balanced and colour coordinated. So, what exactly is it? What is the missing puzzle piece? It’s your shoes, you guessed it. The truth is that dress boots and sneakers aren’t always appropriate. 

They are on opposite ends of the formality spectrum, so what should a stylish man wear when the occasion calls for smart-casual? Wear a pair of men’s fall dress boots to bridge the gap between formal and casual wear.

In today’s article, we’ll look at the best men’s dress boots styles and how to wear them this fall.

Tip #1 How to Style Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea Boot is a British boot that first appeared in the mid-nineteenth century. It was originally designed by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, J. Sparkes-Hall.

Its popularity can be attributed largely to the Beatles, who wore it frequently. Chelsea boots are ankle-high boots with a close fit. An elastic side panel allows the wearer’s foot to easily slide in.

Most Chelsea boots have a fabric loop or tab on the back that allows you to easily pull the boot up. It’s now a popular boot for the modern, fashionable man.

Pairing Suggestions:

Adaptable – Can be worn with suits, jeans, or slacks.

The pant leg bail should be tapered or narrow to provide a slimming effect.

Your pants should cover the top of your boot by 12 to 34 inches.

When wearing trousers, there should be no break in the pant leg, but jeans can have some.

Because the vamp of the shoe is narrow, you don’t want your toes to crowd and bulge out, so the fit should be snug but not too tight.

Because of the tight fit, wear trouser socks instead of thick athletic socks.

Combine with pea coats and top coats.

Tip #2: Wearing Wingtip Dress Boots

Wingtip boots are a type of wingtip brogue oxford shoe. The wingtip brogue boot’s quarter, top-line, and tongue are all extended just below or slightly past the ankle.

This is a multi-purpose boot. It is appropriate for business, casual, and urban settings. Details like stitching and perforations on the quarter, vamp, and toe of the shoe contribute to the shoe’s versatility.

Pairing Suggestions:

Adaptable – Wear with a suit, trousers, denim, or corduroy. Despite the fact that they are commonly referred to as dress boots.

A wide 2-inch cuff in slim trousers will pull the pant leg down and allow it to drape naturally for a more modern dressy look.

Dress up with trouser socks and dress down with thicker cotton socks.

Wear denim, cuffed or uncuffed. The cuffed look is more urban, and there is no cuff that is more conservative.

Combine with top coats and navy jackets.

Tip #3 How to Wear Ankle Boots

This casual style of boot evolved from the Chukka boot worn by British soldiers in Africa during World War II.

They were originally made entirely of leather, but they are now also available in suede. They have thin soles and open lacing with two or three sets of eyelets.

Ankle boots have rounded toes and calfskin uppers in two parts (each from a single piece of leather; quarters are sewn on top of vamp).

Chukka boots (desert boots) and monk strap boots are popular ankle boots.

Dress Boots for a More Casual Look

Combine with denim, chinos/khakis, or corduroy.

Because the vamp is wider and rounded, thicker casual socks can be worn.

Denim that extends slightly above the top of the boot to reveal his patterned sock is acceptable.

So, how can we use these boots to enhance certain looks?

Can Boots Replace Sneakers?

Sneakers are the quintessential casual shoe. They are comfortable and come in a variety of styles. The problem with sneakers is that they are not appropriate for every situation. To be honest, they can be a little too casual at times. So, what’s the solution? Boots should be worn instead of tennis shoes.

Adding boots to a sneaker look should elevate the casual ensemble. For example, if you’re wearing a great pair of jeans and a nice polo this summer, you could complement your look with a well-made wingtip boot.

You can also switch out the sneakers for Chelsea boots for a more urban and svelte look.

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