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Detailed Guide to Men's Makeup

Featured image Detailed guide to makeup

You must have been wondering about the title like do men really wear makeup or should they? In a nutshell, yes, because the beauty industry has changed significantly in recent years, breaking down barriers between genders and embracing diversity.

Particularly for men, makeup has become a trend that not only defies social conventions but also encourages people to feel and look their best.

This article will walk you through the world of men's makeup, from its historical origins to useful application techniques, helping you find your inner confidence and achieve a faultless appearance.

The Historical Perspective

David Beckham
Source: IMDb

Men have used makeup for thousands of years, and different cultures around the world have done so for varied reasons. For example, ancient Egyptians used eyeliner and vibrant colors to denote their social standing and shield their eyes from the harsh desert heat. In the same way, Roman warriors intimidated their foes using make-up.

The number of guys wearing makeup declined in the late 2000s and early 2010s. But a revival that's difficult to ignore has been brought on by social media, vlogs, and the growth of guys as beauty and grooming masters. According to Charlie Riddle, a makeup artist, influencers of social media made makeup for men more acceptable in society.

Moving on to the present, men's makeup has become a common habit, openly endorsed by celebrities like David Beckham, Harry Styles, and Pharrell Williams. Men in the general public are adopting makeup as a technique to look and feel their best; it is no longer just a phenomenon in the entertainment business.

Why do males need to apply makeup?

Man looking fashionable

Makeup may be a potent technique to improve one's look, increase self-confidence, and project a desired image that is not gender specific. Because it provides a special opportunity for self-expression and self-empowerment, men should think about wearing makeup. Makeup adds another level to self-expression, similar to how people can express their personality via their choices in grooming and dress. It enables men to try out various appearances, from understated upgrades for a dapper everyday appearance to edgy declarations for special events.

Choosing the right products and making sure you're applying makeup properly for men might be a little overwhelming. You may, however, claim this place as your own with a little perseverance and effort. For this to happen in the right direction, below is a detailed guide on it.

Building Your Men's Makeup Kit

Man with cream

For a little understated masculine makeup, you don't need a wash bag full of cosmetics. To create a men's makeup kit, you must choose the best items for your own requirements and tastes. The following instructions will show you how to put together a basic men's makeup kit.

Skincare Essentials

  • Cleanser: To keep your face clear and healthy, begin by using a decent facial cleanser.

  • Moisturizer: To keep your skin hydrated, pick a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, etc.).

Base Makeup

  • Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer: For a smooth and even complexion, choose a product that complements your skin tone. While foundations offer more coverage, tinted moisturizers offer a more natural appearance.

  • Concealer: To disguise blemishes, redness, or dark circles, choose a concealer that complements the color of your skin.

Eye Makeup

  • Eyebrow Pencil or Gel: It can be used for shaping your eyes.

  • Mascara: It is an optional item if you want to give some more attention to your eyelashes.

For Lips

  • Lip Balm: It is very common and most important and can be used to keep your lips healthy and hydrated.

Tools and Brushes

  • Makeup Brushes: Invest in a collection of premium cosmetic brushes that include an eyebrow brush or comb, a concealer brush, and a foundation brush.

  • Makeup Sponge: For a flawless finish, mixing foundation and concealer with a makeup sponge is helpful.

  • Makeup Remover Wipes: Be sure to have a light makeup remover on hand.


  • Bronzer: It gives your cheeks some color or gives off a sun-kissed shine.

  • Setting Powder: Use a transparent setting powder if you can.

Lastly, to keep your makeup organized and safe, use a durable, carry-all makeup bag or case. Also, your makeup kit should be customized to your specific requirements and tastes, whether you prefer to experiment with more expressive looks or prefer a natural or no-makeup appearance.

Art of Makeup Application

Man applying makeup

The ability to apply makeup involves enhancing one's natural features and increasing self-confidence with cosmetics. It starts with a base of appropriate skincare, guaranteeing a clear and moisturized canvas for cosmetics.

Here is a routine to follow for getting the best results from makeup application:

  • Cleansing: To start, use a mild cleanser to remove any debris, oil, and pollutants from your face. Skin that is clear and moisturized is a good canvas for makeup.

  • Use an exfoliant on your face: To create a smoother complexion and remove dead skin cells, exfoliate your skin a few times per week. You should always wash your face before putting on makeup.

  • Apply toner (for moisturizing): Use a toner after each cleanser application to revitalize your skin. Pick a cosmetic pad or woolen ball. Dip pad or ball in the toner, then, dab the toner all over your face. Your skin will continue to be smooth and silky.

  • SPF(15) moisturizer: The surface of your skin is shielded from sunlight when moisturizer is applied in the early hours of the day. It may also be applied at bedtime to stop the growth of wrinkles and other imperfections that sabotage makeup.

Achieving a Natural Look

Man looking handsome

When it comes to men's makeup, less is frequently more. Aim for a subtle, natural aesthetic that draws attention to your greatest features without being garish or excessive. To prevent noticeable lines or uneven areas, make sure that all cosmetic products are thoroughly blended. Always keep in mind that before doing any makeup or applying any item of makeup you must follow the skin routine which just mentioned above. Follow the mentioned ways further presented below.

  • Under Eyes: The eyes are possibly the most crucial part to focus on. Choose a concealer that complements your skin tone or is somewhat lighter to brighten the under-eye region if you have dark circles or obvious discoloration.

  • Face and neck should be moisturized: Moisturising not only hydrates but also acts as a base for applying makeup more evenly and smoothly. Apply a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type to both places, making sure to completely cover them. In order to encourage absorption and increase circulation, gently massage the moisturizer in an upward direction. It helps makeup stay on longer and more effectively throughout the day.

  • Light Coverage: Choose a foundation or tinted moisturizer that closely matches the tone of your skin to start. Apply a tiny amount of the product evenly on your face using a clean makeup brush, sponge, or your fingertips. Concentrate on locations that could require additional coverage, like redness or blemishes, and lightly blend such areas. Without covering up your original skin tone, the objective is to get an even complexion.

  • Guyliner: It can give the eyes a hint of drama and definition. Start by choosing an eyeliner pencil that matches your personal style; either basic black or dark brown works well. Start at the inner corner of the top lash line and work your way outward, gradually thickening the line as you go. For a delicate look, keep the line close to the lashes. Extend the line just past the outer corner of the eye for a stronger appearance.

  • Lip Care: Apply lip balm regularly, and carry some in your pocket. Men often don't use lipstick, therefore it's more crucial to hydrate their lips.

  • Care Towards Facial Hair: For a clean and put-together appearance, men's cosmetics must include trimming facial hair. Make sure the beard doesn't get in the way of applying makeup in the areas around the mouth and cheeks. If you have a mustache or sideburns, neatly shape them with scissors or precision trimmers.


Men's makeup is a liberating tool that enables people to improve their physical appearance, boost their self-confidence, and express their unique identities. Men can create a beautiful appearance that goes above conventional norms by prioritizing skincare, carefully choosing the proper products, and applying cosmetic methods tastefully.

Remember that makeup is an art form, and you are the canvas, whether you are a makeup novice or an experienced professional. Pose for the camera with assurance and sincerity.

Written By - Ayush Maurya

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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