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Delving into Men’s Sexual Issues with Suhas Misra

Unfortunately, the taboo has no gender and the concerning part is that some health issues are also non-accepted in society. When it comes to men, the difficulty increases multifold especially when the problem is related to their sexual health whether it is erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed or inhibited ejaculation or a low libido.

While the science and medicine industry has achieved several milestones in treating such problems, society still finds such things disobedient, let alone treating such issues. To understand the grass root related to this mindset, Best for Him Podcast invited Suhas Misra, Founder of Misters, a Man’s confidence Company where Bhawana, our anchor, delved deeper into the topic.

According to Suhas, ‘it is a price that men are paying because of the patriarchal society, as when a certain section of the society is in power then you have to demonstrate it and hence the idea of men to function properly was originated, where the sexual functions are considered to be the basic functions. Men are also supposed to ever ready to have sex due to the societal sterotypes’.

In the podcast, Suhas explains that ‘there is a wide spectrum of ideas to normalise the conversation about men’s health which starts from oneself and ends with others that every man needs to understand’. However, he admits that discussing sexual problems with others is a far cry dream. He believes that normalisation will happen but it’s a bridge too far and hence, talking to your partner can be a realistic short-term goal.

He shuns the fact that ‘there is a way to increase penis size either with a capsule or oil apart from surgery’. Also, he tells listeners that ‘penis size is not everything when it comes to sex’. The obsession with regards to the penis size is not only tricking people monetarily but Suhas emphasises that ‘it is also making a bad impression on men’s mental health because a man who takes such pills or ointment regularly and doesn’t see any improvement and continues believing that there is a problem with their body, in the end hampers his mental health’.

Suhas also shares the details of products made by his company that are helpful for various sexual problems and their effectiveness.

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