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Common summer style mistakes men make!

Summer is one of the best times of the year. As the hotter days approach, we make some significant lifestyle changes to accommodate our bodies. But along with these changes there might be a mistake you might end up committing.

With more daylight and less darkness at night, who doesn’t like to sit outside with friends and have a good time? But most guys forget to care about their style as summer means fewer clothes, which means you need to put in much less effort than winters.

Notice it the next time you’re sitting outside. You’ll see some guys in woollen sweaters. Some people wear polyester from head to toe. And maybe even worse, some men wear almost nothing at all.

Gentlemen, just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you have to give up on style. There are a lot of ways to change, dress comfortably, and still look stylish. Ridhiman Das will guide you through all the probable mistakes you ought to avoid.

Wearing a Baseball Cap all Summer

Since the sun is so high in the sky, you’ll need a hat. What is the most important fashion mistake for men to avoid this summer?

That old-looking baseball cap

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t use it, whether it’s a sports team or a symbol from your favourite movie.

For one thing, you’ll look like trailer trash if you wear an old baseball cap. It is a common mistake men end up making.

It’s not nice, that’s true.

Make sure your cap is clean and fresh to wear if you’re going to a game or playing in one.

If sports aren’t on the agenda, have some classic hat styles ready. Get a fedora made of straw. No matter what you’re wearing, these can take your style up a notch and give you a touch of elegance wherever you go.

Already know how to use Fedora? Step it up to a Panama hat. Fedoras are more common, but Panamas have wider brims, so only a man who is sure of himself should wear one.

The quality of stylish straw hats varies a lot. Out of most things, they are made of refined paper. If you live in a place where it’s always hot, you might want to go for a higher-quality hat that will last longer. If you live in a place where it’s always cold, you might want to go for a cheaper one.

Putting too much Product in your Hair

Let’s face it: Some guys go too far when it comes to hair gel.

When you’re outside, thick hair products can mix with your sweat. Before you know it, your face and eyes are covered in chemicals and start to burn.

All of this sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it?

Because of this, I think you should try fibre or clay. These kinds of products will stick to your hair instead of staying on your scalp.

Also, you can run your hands through it without getting a lot of grease on them.

Wearing Lined Jackets: Worst Mistake

Does everyone make sport coats and suit jackets the same way? Not even close. This is an easy mistake for men to make when it comes to summer fashion.

Most men’s jackets have a lining, which is mostly polyester if the jacket is cheap.

This can be hard when it’s hot. Imagine putting on a garbage bag and baking in the sun while wearing the suit. That’s how it will feel.

You’ll need jackets with Bemberg linings for the summer. It’s a cheaper alternative to wood-pulp-made silk. It’s still of good quality and allows air to pass through.

A jacket that doesn’t have a lining would be even more comfortable, but it would cost more.

Believe it or not, unlined jackets are much more expensive to make than lined ones because they need a lot more detail than a lined jacket. Even so, it’s a good investment for a sport coat you can wear often in the summer.

Putting on Jeans in the Summer: Common mistake

Yes, I did say that.

I know this will bother a lot of you, but jeans aren’t a good choice for summer.

We all make this style mistake in the summer, and I’m even guilty of it.

It’s not ideal because denim is made with a very tight and thick weave. This means that the fabric doesn’t let air through, so your legs will start to feel like a sauna.

What else can you use instead?

I like wool pants that are made for warm weather. They are made with wool that is much lighter and sometimes has a silky feel. It’s light, fashionable, and useful. You don’t need anything else! They are just right for the office.

Instead, you could wear linen pants for a more casual look. Linen has been a high-end fabric in hot places for hundreds of years. This is about as airy as you can get, but they tend to get wrinkled. Linen pants are also very casual, and you can even wear them to the beach.

Wearing sandals, socks, or Crocs in the summer

Now I can see why sandals are a good choice for some summertime events. It’s possible if you’re at the beach or by the pool.

On the other hand, Crocs are never stylish. It is a style mistake most commonly made by men and women equally.

Also, you shouldn’t wear long gym socks. It’s easy to see why their thickness and length make them a problem in the summer heat.

So, what should a guy do?

During the summer, men’s loafers are a great way to step up your shoe game. Because they are light and open, these casual dress shoes are great for summer.

The best socks to wear with loafers are the ones that don’t show. This makes the shoes less bulky and gives your feet room to breathe.

These shoes look good with shorts, a full-on summer suit, or any other casual outfit. I can’t say enough good things about loafers for men.

Summary: Men’s Style Mistakes in the Summer

Get rid of that old cap.

Don’t put wax or gel in your hair, and don’t wear jackets that are lined with polyester.

Don’t put on jeans.

Put away your flip-flops, socks, and Crocs.

Do you make any of these fashion mistakes? If so, don’t worry. You still have time to get a new wardrobe and kill it this summer.

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