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Clothing Brands for Tall and Skinny Guys

For guys who are tall and skinny, shopping for clothes is often a nightmare. Finding clothes that fit you is a weary hunt through multiple stores, physical or online. Often, you find that they ran out of stock in your size, or they don’t carry the particular piece you want in your size altogether. And if you do find what you want, your woes don’t end. For thin people, with their unique proportions, clothing usually ends up short at the hem or sleeves or is too loose because it is tailored for someone with wider proportions. So, where can you as a tall and skinny guy shop for fashion that flatters your unique build? In this article, we have curated a list of brands appropriate for someone of your stature. We bring you a few clothing brands for tall and skinny guys. So, embrace confidence and style as you finally build a wardrobe that truly fits!


The first brand on our list is perhaps the most well-recognized globally. They offer a range of clothing options in a variety of different sizes. Not only that, they have been very committed to being size-inclusive for the last few years, going as far as recruiting consultants on size-inclusivity. So you can be assured of finding options in your size.

While they are not a brand geared particularly towards tall men, they are relatively more accessible, and this focus on size diversity does give them an edge.

It should be noted that H&M carries a wide range of oversized fit tops – t-shirts, overshirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. These tops break up the vertical visual line, giving a sense of mass and structure, especially if paired in contrast with slim pants. This is especially important for tall and thin men, who might want a wider profile.

Most of H&M’s offerings are in pastel tones or otherwise light and warm tones. This should be kept in mind when dressing seasonally or going for specific aesthetics. They suit summer and fall looks best.

North Face

Like H&M, North Face is a globally recognized brand, but unlike the former’s more general focus, they are intended for an outdoor recreation market. While they have not shown any particular commitment towards size inclusivity (no more than the average brand, that is), because of their brand focus, North Face carries a wide range of larger jacket types, such as parkas, puffer jackets, and twill overshirts. As mentioned before, these are useful for breaking up a lanky outline, for a wider, more powerful-looking profile.

Because they are an outdoor brand, North Face clothing is usually muted in color, with a durable and hard-wearing look. This makes them appropriate not only for outdoor-wear, but also for accessorizing other rustic, athletic, or grunge looks.

American Tall

American Tall is the first brand on this list to be wholly dedicated to addressing the clothing needs of tall individuals. Their website banner reads: ‘Tall clothes designed exclusively for tall people’, and their About section on their site states: ‘Our clothes are designed to fit men 6’ to 7’ and women up to 6’6”’[2]. American Tall’s designs take into consideration both height and body proportions, which means that their clothing will have different options in inseam and sleeve length. This is crucial for tall and skinny guys who often struggle to find clothing that fits well in terms of length and cut. They also offer a dedicated sizing chart ranging from semi-tall, tall, to extra tall.

American Tall is an online-only retailer and has no physical stores. They ship internationally.


Asos is a clothing company based out of the UK. Like American Tall, they are an online-only retailer and provide collections intended for taller customers, and one for tall men specifically. The About section on their website declares that they offer their products ‘in more than 30 sizes’, and that they are ‘committed to providing all sizes at the same price.


2tall’s About Us section on their website reads: ‘We make clothes for tall slim guys. /tall Men, not big and tall. / Tall guys just like us. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. They are a UK-based clothing brand and online retailer, creating clothing for ‘slim and athletically built tall men’ – a direct quote from their website. But be forewarned, they do take it to the limit with their motto. Their proportions are much longer than the usual sizing scale. A ‘medium-tall’ size shirt comes at about 34-35” in vertical length. 2tall offers international shipping to a limited number of countries.

Article by: Girish Pangeijam

Edited by: Bhagwat Jha

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