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Chocolate and bae: the art of Gifting

“O what in the world that doth taste so sweet? Wrapped in nuts, making life complete!”Chocolates make us relate to this line. They come with just a fair amount of happiness that are a treat to our taste buds. Wanna know a hush-hush? You can make your ‘amore’ happy by gifting chocolates. Read on to know more about chocolate and bae: the art of gifting, as for lovers, chocolate is of great significance.

When I first saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory back in 2005, I was mesmerised at the view of the massive chocolate waterfall, the sugar sweets, and ofcourse the dreamy garden of the edibles. It was hard not to drool over that entire sight. I’m sure most of my readers fancied all the chocolates and at the same time envied Willy Wonka for owning them. Over the years, with the grace of romantic relationships and the exchange of gifts they involved, I came to the understanding that chocolate is more than a mere sweetener. It is a love language that all lovers are well-versed in. Chocolate and bae always go together in the art of gifting!

No matter what the locale is, chocolates are shared as gifts between so many lovers. Even now when you’re reading this line, there’s probably a guy out there, buying chocolates for his sweetheart!

Chocolate is symbolic to a number of affairs between partners. It is a present that helps to initiate desire, celebrate a special day, express justification or even to uplift one’s spouse’s mood.

Chocolates contain theobromine, which are responsible for stimulating sexual desires, making your beloved more open to passion.The evidences go way back in the past when chocolate was relished as an *Aphrodisiac food during the reign of Aztec.

It’s probably because of this character that chocolate got its name as the ‘food of love’.

So let us explore more about Chocolate and bae: The art of gifting, the incidents or episodes in all of our lives, where chocolates, tastes…oh I mean, makes perfect sense!

Birthday bashes

Gifting chocolates on birthdays is a religiously followed practice for many of us.

In France, the value of gifts is more important than its price tag. According to French culture, it is customary to give thoughtful gifts on birthdays.

From the accounts of the French people we can presume that chocolates are lovely gifts for your partners. If you want to make your lover’s birthday more special, bring their favourite chocolates.

Planning for a customised gift? Bake a chocolate cake! My personal suggestion would be an ultimate rich, moist mud cake.

Chocolate and bae go together on birthdays

Honouring the D-day

In the language of couples, D-day is the anniversary for the beginning of their love affair. For some it may symbolise their marriage date, while for some, it makes them recount the day when their love interest finally made ‘the’ move.

To add a grand significance to an already beautiful day, you can give your spouse or partner a box of luxurious chocolates.

Go for an assorted box of truffle chocolates. Trust me, your spouse will be dazed.

Chocolates and bae, a relationship which has no bounds.

To apologise

Can’t find the appropriate words to say sorry to your already vexed ‘amore’? Gift them some chocolates.

When your beau is annoyed and won’t talk to you, nothing works better than a delectable brownie topped with chocolate chips.

Wanna gain those brownie points? Bake them yourself. Trust me, these babies work like magic!

Make them feel special

There are countless instances to make your ‘amore’ feel special. It can be a thank you token, congratulate their achievement or even to appreciate them for simply being awesome!

While thinking of a gift for such occasions, flower bouquets are the first to cross our minds.

Want to make your partner go all sweet on you? Nothing would bring out a big grin on their face when you give them a bouquet of chocolates!

For when the times dip low

Wanna know how I rescued the passion with my lover during harsh times? By buying some nice chocolates.

I know I’ll receive eye rolls if I say chocolates can fix romantic flings.

But if I say, during a gloomy day when all your partner wants is comfort, hasn’t chocolate crossed your mind once? To have some ease and warmth between you and your lover, sit with cups of hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Chocolate and bae, go together on sad days


There are so many occasions where chocolate can be your wingman. Chocolates are so versatile that you can tag them along on a fancy date or even on a usual day.

Can we eat chocolates if we’ve got no occasion on the page? Hell yeah, we can! Sometimes, we just don’t need an occasion to enjoy this sweetener, because we simply love it!

Along with being a spectacular gift idea for your bae, chocolate has a good deal of health benefits. Chocolate is one of the best fount of antioxidants. It has a fair amount of antioxidants and minerals and can also keep heart diseases at bay.

However, one must eat chocolates wisely in a limited amount, because no matter how many health benefits chocolates have, it can harm our body after a point of time.


Aphrodisiac food during the reign of Aztec:

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