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Celebrating Movember as a woman

Movember, ah. It’s that wonderful time of year again, when all of the men sport scruffy moustaches in support of various men’s health issues. But seriously, we adore all moustaches that promote research into testicular, prostate, and men’s mental health. Movember seeks to decrease the number of men who pass away too soon from illnesses that, with more open dialogue and study, might one day be cured. Do you wish to participate in Movember but are unsure how to assist your man and other men? You can still show your support even if you can’t develop a natural moustache!

The Best Ways for Women to Honour Movember

1. Try the movement challenge first. For the whole month of November, Movember encourages you to get outside and exercise! You can use this challenge to raise money and awareness as well as get people moving every day.

2. Gather your pals and join a Movember team. By doing this, you and your friends can earn money in a variety of ways throughout the month to fund research and promote awareness of issues relating to the health of men.

3. Set up a MO party. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice party, after all? Create contests for men to decorate their moustaches or activities like “pin the moustache on the man.” Encourage attendees to make a small donation to your Movember team.

4. Purchase Movember merchandise while also giving to the Foundation! Many businesses are offering fantastic discounts for their positive attitude toward moustaches. Check out the official Movember items: Bite Beauty’s Mauve(ember) lipstick and the limited-edition watch that Fossil created in partnership with the Movember Foundation.

5. Create awareness by spreading the real reason why the month is celebrated, and explain to others the significance and importance of the month for men.

6. Begin the discussion! During the month of November, if you notice a man with a moustache, approach him and ask him whether he is participating in Movember.

7. Specify your financial objectives and make extremely specific requests for donations. You should constantly engage in public demonstrations of affection by thanking people who donate to you on social media when you are fundraising. This is the first important tip.

Aim to mo Sista

You obviously can’t grow a moustache because you are a woman, but you are a woman., but still have a significant influence your partner. You are referred to as a ”Mo Sista” if you participate in Movember.

Guys’ physical and emotional health is important, and Mo Sistas committed to supporting the men in their lives by stressing this.

The purpose of the Movember movement is to raise awareness. It is committed to improving the lives of all guys in your neighbourhood.


As a woman, do not feel barred from celebrating with your fellow men for a good cause. Problem about men are needed to be made more aware around the world especially regarding prostate cancer. Stand along side your men and embrace the power of the hair! Happy Movember!

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