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Carry in Style: Types of Men's Bags Unveiled

Bags have gradually evolved into a fashion statement for men. Beyond the classic backpack, a variety of other bag types have emerged, each catering to different needs and preferences.

Men's bags have become a pivotal style statement. In addition to the more utilitarian options, a surge in other bag types has infiltrated men's street style. These trendy bags are not just a passing fad but a lasting element of men's fashion.

Below is a compilation of various bag types—read on to explore more!


The backpack stands as a timeless accessory for men of all ages. Highly functional and available in diverse designs and qualities, it is widely sold by both fashion apparel brands and standalone bag manufacturers. Common, easily accessible, and the go-to choice for men's bags.

Tote Bag

Tote bags can be deemed the contemporary equivalent of a men's handbag. Versatile in use and storage, though not as capacious as a backpack, they offer more than a briefcase. Convenient to carry around, tote bags exude a trendy vibe, making you a potential subject of interest for street photographers. Once a fashion item for women, tote bags now seamlessly integrate into men's fashion trends.

Weekend Bag

For those weekend getaways requiring a bag to house all essentials without the bulk of a suitcase, the weekend bag fits the bill. These exclusive-looking leather bags serve as a portable wardrobe for short trips and also make excellent gym or work bag substitutes.

Fanny Pack

Over the last two years, the fanny pack has surged in popularity among men. Comparable to what some may jokingly refer to as a man's purse, it stands out as a versatile alternative to functional bags or wallets. Small, adaptable, and exceptionally stylish, the fanny pack conveys a sense of a man with essentials in order—a functional accessory suitable for any gender and age.


The briefcase, a fixture in men's fashion for decades, conjures images of a gentleman in the '80s with a bowler hat, long coat, umbrella, newspaper, and, perhaps, a touch of rain for cinematic effect. While it has evolved over the years, the modern-day briefcase is far from a rectangular box with a metal frame. A superb work bag and a high-quality briefcase can endure the test of time.

Gym Bag

Essential for men hitting the gym, gym bags have gained popularity over the years. Simple and functional, they effortlessly carry basic gym necessities. A niche type of bag, perfect for fitness enthusiasts.

Crossbody Bag

A larger and more functional version of the fanny pack, the crossbody bag stands out as the ultimate street-style accessory—a trendy fashion statement for the modern man.

Messenger Bag

Once relegated to paper carriers and middle-aged commuters, messenger bags have undergone a transformation in recent years. Designers have elevated them into trendy fashion accessories, making them an integral part of men's street fashion. Affordable, easy to carry, and among the best modern bags for men.

Laptop Bag

A niche version of the all-purpose backpack, the laptop bag is designed exclusively for carrying your laptop and its essentials. Available in backpack and briefcase styles, although many backpacks and briefcases now incorporate dedicated laptop compartments. While handy upon arrival, they faded out due to their singular purpose, which other bags can also fulfill.

Beach Bag

The most casual and laid-back men's bag on our list, the beach bag is the ideal accessory for beachwear. With different styles and designs to complement your beach attire, these bags boast waterproof quality and versatility akin to weekend bags.


The evolution of men's bags—from serious, office-only briefcases to casual backpacks and trendy streetwear tote bags—reflects a significant shift. While stereotypes still linger, the past two years have seen a notable increase in men confidently and stylishly carrying bags. This shift has streamlined men's pockets, allowing for cleaner and more fashionable attire as all essentials can be conveniently stored in the chosen bag. This list serves as a guide to the diverse types of men's bags available, empowering you to make informed purchases and elevate your style game!

Written by: Ridhiman Das

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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