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Bringing back the ‘sexy’ in sedans : The Skoda Slavia 2022

You never trade for a sedan, neither explicitly nor subliminally. You choose class, comfort and calm. The Skoda Slavia belongs to this bracket and just might be a true Gentlemen’s next choice The Author

This new sedan by Skoda will make you question the choice of SUVs! Skoda shocks everyone with it’s latest creation: The Skoda Slavia. ‘The Skoda Slavia’ which is expected to be launched in March of 2022. With the new machine, Skoda intends to bring back the “sexy” in sedans. The big names in the automobile industry have bombarded us with SUVs for so long, it seems we have forgotten what a Sedan is capable of: they are fun to drive, comfortable and a practical choice. You never trade for a sedan, neither explicitly nor subliminally. You choose class, comfort and calm. The all-new Skoda Slavia intends to take on big names like the ‘Honda City’ and the ‘Hyundai Verna’ at more or less the same prices. Let’s take a sneak peak and find out if The Skoda Slavia is your next ride?

The Exterior

As far as the Exterior is concerned, the new machine comes with a stylish and familiar exterior. Skoda has perfected The Slavia into the long running theme of the brand. When you look at it from the front, there sure is a huge influence of ‘Octavia’. The sharp lines and the factory default large chrome-surround Skoda grills in addition to LED projector headlights and an underlining daytime running light give you an intimate Skoda vibe.

While the wide stance and the long tail rear gives you a glimpse of the ‘Superb’, the coupe-like roofline is what makes the exterior stand out on this car. As compared to the front, the rear is more slab-sided and upright. The sharp C-motlif lighting makes for classy headlights along with the ‘S K O D A’ lettering on the rear. Multiple chromes have been added to the design specifically at the fog lamp, bumper and other prime spots. Skoda has done a good job not overdoing the chromes which makes the exterior of the Slavia ever more chic.


The Skoda Slavia is smaller, wider and lower compared to the ‘new-gen Honda City.’ Although, you will easily recognize that the Skoda is not that low slung from the edges. The claimed 179mm ride height is more than enough for Indian streets. The mere base of The Slavia, make the 16-inch alloy wheels look slightly small for the design. Anyhow, we are excited to see how these smaller tires would support road conditions in India.

The Skoda Slavia is to be introduced in 5 colors: the basic white, steel, silver and some brighter tones like red and blue. The Skoda Slavia is expected to be powerful, stylish and sporty all at once.

The Interior

Yet again Skoda innovates the interiors of The Slavia in reference to its well running machines like the Fabia and the ‘Kushaq’. But the interior of this conventional machine is not limited to what we have seen earlier with the Skoda cars. There are a few clever additions to the interiors which make life easier for you.

The First impressions of The Slavia feel natural. Despite the car being mildly low riding, the seats aren’t set too low. This just might be the selling point for the elders in your family. The interior design of the Slavia is pleasing to the eye. The minimalist outlook notches up the appeal of the car. Some of the most prominent features would remind you of the global Fabia too. Namely, the bronze character line bisecting the dashboard, circular air vents and the free floating touch screen. The sleek finish with the embedded designs and textures throughout the interiors give you rich detailing and tasteful experience moving your hands across the interior.

Adding to the smart features, The Slavia offers ample headroom and legroom for even six footers in front and rear. The backseat features a central armrest which proves to be a catch on The Slavia. It is best suited as a four seater with an unwelcoming outward seat for the middle passenger.

Skoda mimics the “simply clever” innovations from the ‘Kushaq’, which add to the optimal utilities of The Slavia. These features include:

S. No‘Simply Clever’ Features1Keyless Entry2Leather-wrapped Steering Wheel3Push-button Start4Tilt-Telescopic Steering Adjust5Automatic Headlamps6Height-adjustable Driver’s Seat7Automatic Wipers8Cooled Glovebox9Leatherette Upholstery10Wireless Phone ChargingKushaq ‘Simply Clever’ features on The Scoda Slavia

That’s not all, the highlights include a touch interface for climate control, an electric sunroof and ventilated front seats for your comfort. Also, Skoda has made a few additions apart from these namely, the 8-inch digital driver’s display and an 8-speaker sound system which are technically more powerful and efficient than those on previous models from Skoda or Volkswagen.


Skoda has not yet put out the list of safety features for the Slavia. Anyhow it is confirmed that a digital instrument cluster and six airbags are earmarked. Skoda does brag about the safety standards of The Slavia going beyond Indian homologation norms and global NCAP(New Car Assessment Program) too. The Slavia is currently being put through tests for pedestrian safety compliance under European standards.

Boot Space

The Slavia stands atop all Sedans and even SUVs under the same budget radar with a 521-litre boot. Folding the rear seats gives you 1050-litres which is fairly enough.


The Skoda Slavia comes with a choice between two turbocharged engines a 1-litre, three-cylinder and 1.5-litre, four cylinder. Both engines have a choice of 6-speed manual transmission, accompanied by 6-speed automatic for the 1-litre TSi and 7-speed DSG for 1.5-litre TSi engine. A man who holds passion for the roads and never minds taking the wheel would know what a powerful combination of engine and transmission this is. A complete report by Skoda has been published and videos targeting all aspects are live on YouTube.

The Skoda Slavia ‘Teaser’

It is noteworthy that Skoda is not giving us a diesel engine or CNG powered variant of The Slavia and apparently they aren’t scheduled to debut anytime soon either.

Active, Ambition and Style : these are the three magical words that truly describe the all new Skoda Slavia. Also they are the three variants of The Slavia.

Engine-GearboxAvailable Variants1-litre TSI, 6-speed MTActive, Ambition, Style1-litre TSI, 6-speed ATAmbition, Style1.5-litre TSI, 6-speed MTAmbition, Style1.5-litre TSI, 7-speed DSGStyleThe Skoda Slavia Variants

Expected Price

We know you await the expected price of the Skoda Slavia and we are delighted to tell you that the wait is over.

We are expecting it to underlay ‘Kushaq’ marginally. The expected price lay between Rs. 10 lakh to 18 lakh once announced in March 2022. You can book currently with the token amount of Rs. 11,000 right away!

Is this the right option for you? Our Verdict

The Skoda Slavia is a true example of the capability of Sedans. Considering all parameters, The Slavia stands rightfully in most of them. We can all agree that lack of some additional features and the diesel engine might be the only drawbacks applicable to the fun-to-drive, spacious and well-equipped Skoda Slavia.

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