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Bringing back the Man Bun

Updated: Jun 23

The one hairstyle that oozes panache, sexiness and can make any one do a double take and maybe even keep staring at you, is the Man Bun. Recently, the hair style has given many men the option to look their very best while flaunting their grown beard and the man bun that accompanies and completes the look.

In the wake of the pandemic, we all have been looking for some easy yet elegant ways to style our hair in a way that we might not have to go out for and can also make it our style statement. And for many men, a man bun is truly the look that they can not only master but also allows them to have that masculine look and make their partners swoon again.

So why wait, here are some ways that you can make sure that your man bun looks, stylish, elegant and easy on eyes:

Classic Man Bun

A classic man bun can be the need of your hour. Easy to make and great to look at. The classic man bun is perfect for those who have their hair length till the shoulder and can pull off a tight man bun with ease. This easy to do hair style is also practical and achievable as all the hair is pulled into a tight bun in the middle of the back of the head. It makes sure that none of those annoying strands are the reason for your blinded vision. Perfect for the chic man.

Half Bun

A half bun can look great even if you are wearing one of your formals and are dressed for a formal event. The great part about a half bun is the fact that you do not need long hair for a perfect bun. Hair length up till the back of your neck will also suffice and might actually make your bun look clean and proper.

Infinity Man Bun

If you are someone who flaunts long hair and is looking to keep them stylishly under control. We recommend the infinity man bun to you. The bun is shaped in the infinity sign and will be sitting at the top of your head, making it look stylish, chic and yet pragmatic. This bun also offers a practical approach to keeping it all fashionable and still being able to handle long hair for men. You can of course change the shape of the bun according to your convenience and taste.

The Messy Bun

Yes, we know that this one is majorly popular with the ladies but it works great even with men. We are not kidding. A messy bun is for one of those days where you might be running short on time and would like to be done quickly with getting ready for your day out. The bun can be an option for both someone with long hair or with someone with mid to short hair. The point is you do not need to put in a lot of effort and can still make it look chic and vogue. The bun is not so formal for a formal event and not even that casual for an anyday work. It is perfect for an event where you are about to go out and spend time with your friends or maybe when you might be going out for a concert.

Man Bun with an Undercut

Undercut is a hairstyle that has been trending in the current times, even men who are not sporting a man bun can be seen having an undercut nowadays. The slick man bun with an undercut makes it look more authentic and fashionable. Also easy to do hair and a look that is easy to sport and looks stunning at the same time are a rare combination. And man bun with an undercut is that ultimate combination. With an undercut, someone with even short hair can make this bun and swoon their partner with elegance.

Spiked Man Bun

Wondering what this might be now? Well, don’t get spooked with the spiked man bun. A spiked man bun is nothing but hair styled in a way that the ends peek from the head and look like spikes. A spiked man bun is actually an updated classic man bun. However, for a spiked man bun, you do need hair length up until the shoulders at least.

Double Man Bun

And we are here for the double bun. Sounds erratic? But do consider again, a double man bun can not only make you look apart in a crowd, it is also stylish and pretty practical. However, the procedure to create two buns can be a little different. The very first thing required for a double man bun is the fact that you have long and strong hair that can be divided into two equal knots, with one on each side of your head. However, let us be very clear that this one is for our bold souls who give no qualms about being stared at and are of course completely okay in their skin.

Curly Bun with Undercut Taper

This one is for all those awesome curly hair men who might be at their wits end, figuring out how to style their curly mane. Fret not. A curly bun with an undercut taper is the way forward for you. In this hairstyle, you bun up your curls on top, while the sides are slightly tapered and even faded. Also, the top would just be the bun while the line up is skin faded with temple fade and a descending taper in the back.

Highlighted Man Bun

The commonest and yet the most trendy man bun in the town. However, this one might also be the one that takes an ample amount of time, while styling. Of course for this style you need to have little long highlighted strands of hair. Make sure to keep the volume equal around the head, while the stands of your highlights are popping.

Braided Bun

Unique, stylish, elegant and yet makes sure to give your hair a proper look. Braided Bun style is for a man with lengthy hair who can make a braid out of it. You can also style your braided bun with an undercut taper fade, which might be a rare combination, but would make you stand out of the crowd. Make sure to crave the lineup with razor, which in turn will make sure that vivid detailing comes out in this style.

Man Bun with a Thick Beard

Last but not the least, this style is masochistic and can be sported by anyone who loves their beard and is obviously proud of their hair. You can also add a moustache to the mix and make it look pretty stylish and sauve. This one is supposedly considered hipster but now can be seen by any man who has a perfect length and volume of hair. However, make sure that your beard is at least an inch long and the sides are getting blended into the beard.


The bollywood lovers recently saw the return of man bun with Ayushmann Khurrana styling it in his latest movie. However, it is of course not a bad idea to make a comeback of the buns, specifically when they are practical for someone with a good beard and a long length of hair.

If you are one of those men, looking to make sure that your man bun is upto the trend, while also making sure that the styling doesn’t make you look unprofessional, then we have got you covered. With different lengths of hair, a lot of different styling can be done for man buns. The above described styles are some that you can choose from. 

Although, there are many of the opinion that a man bun can cause hair loss. The problem is actually not due to the bun, but yes, if your hair is very tightly caught in the bun, then they do open up the space for discomfort. Also, if one kind of style is repeated everyday with a tight man bun, then yes it could cause a hairline decrease. Hence, it is always suggested to keep your man bun loose enough for your comfort and also keep changing the style. Even though it might be trendy, it still should be comfortable for you. 

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