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Best Year End Tips for Men

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

And another year with COVID amongst us is about to end. These past years, pandemic restricted our movement and made us all miss the mundane life. Although, it also got our minds reloading and understanding that in our race to reach the top, we were missing out on a lot of things that actually matter.

We at Best For Him are always on a lookout to enrich the lives of men. In an effort to do more, we have curated a list of lifestyle changes that men can make. The list is made with a conscious effort to not only enrich the lives of men but even their surrounding and loved ones.

Here you go:

Start Investing:

Yes men, we understand that at the end of the day, it comes down to you when one talks of money and savings. Hence, this coming year make sure that you start saving and investing.

During the pandemic a lot of industries were affected. While, in general that meant disadvantages for the common man, some industries like property rates coming down meant common man can invest in their dream home. Take this opportunity, do your research and invest. Currently, you might be apprehensive and think of investing as just a waste of money, but talking from experience, it is one of the right decisions that you will ever take.

Limit screen usage:

A very important lesson of the past years. Take a break from your social media. Stop comparing your life to what others are putting up. Everyone has their unique life journey and it is unfair to our own experiences to belittle them.

Taking a break from your screen will ensure that you take out time for your own self and the loved ones around. If you find more time in your hands, take up a hobby and learn new things. Afterall, the pandemic made us aware of how short our lives can be.

Communicate more:

Well, we all have been made very conscious of how insignificant our lives can be. Make out time to connect more with people you love. Take up that phone and call that long lost friend you have been missing.

Take out time for your parents, help your mom with the job she has been pestering you about. Go and visit your grandparents. Take out time for your siblings and bond on things you both love. Respect, love and reconnect with bonds you have made, in the end these are the relationships that will help you survive.

Be cautious about nature:

One of the major lessons learnt during the pandemic was the fact that nature has its own ways. We were reminded of how much harm as an intelligent species we have caused to our surroundings and now we are at the receiving end.

Take up this coming new year’s resolution that you, me, and all of us will now make conscious efforts to help and heal nature. Give up products that are one throw use. Make sure to use sustainable, reusable products. Get conscious and research on ‘fast fashion’. Make changes in your lifestyle and add more to your surroundings. Yes, plant that tree.

Self Care:

And after all this, you still find time in your hands, use it for your self care. Make an appointment with a mental health professional and start your journey of healing. Go out on dates with yourself. Figure out things you love to do, if not passionate about. Expand your horizon. Be open to more learning. Complete that bucket list!

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