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Best Ways to Spoil Your Man This International Men’s Day

One of the best methods to improve your relationship is to spoil your man. And what better day to pick than International Men’s Day? Sheldon Pereira comes up with a list of things he thinks any man would love to be spoiled with on this day!

So, use the excuse of International Men’s Day to get closer and spend more quality time with your man. Plan a getaway, make something for him, go out, and bond. Continue reading to know what ticks for you and your man from this list:

1. Make his favourite breakfast and dinner for him

Whether your man enjoys cooking or not, you can still spoil him by making his favourite meals. Surprise your sweetheart with his favourite meal or something else, whether it’s breakfast or dinner. You don’t have to prepare the entire meal, but you should try to cook at least one or two dishes for him.

2. He deserves a soothing head massage

Another approach to treating your lover well is to give them a soothing head massage. He doesn’t need to receive massages every day. You could do this once each week instead. This will show your love and affection for him while also putting your man at ease and making him feel comfortable. After a long day at work, you might also give him a foot or back massage to help him feel refreshed.

3. Allow him some boys’ time

Allowing your man to spend time with only other men or taking him on an all-boys getaway can be wonderful ways to treat him. You may also organise a date night for him. He enjoys spending time with his buddies just as much as he does with you, even though he might not admit it. Why not treat dad by organising a picnic or a night out for him and his boys?

4. Prepare a few evocative dinner dates

Another approach to spoiling your man is to take him out on a few dinner dates. You can take him on a romantic date to a fine dining establishment. He will undoubtedly smile brightly if you take the initiative to organise your date and divert him from thinking about what comes next. As an alternative, you two may go on a date to your favourite eatery.

5. Participate in his interests

By showing interest in his pastime, you can show your partner how much you value and adore him. It’s crucial to realise that you both appreciate your interest more when you participate in it together. For instance, if your spouse enjoys reading, you can both read a book together. In a similar vein, if he enjoys sports, you may share his passion. We assure you that both of you will like it, and your partner will find it to be incredibly romantic.

6. Show appreciation for his efforts and hard work

Another approach to spoiling your man is to acknowledge and appreciate his efforts and hard work. Even from the women they love, compliments are something that guys enjoy receiving. Your man will feel proud and special if you compliment him on how amazing he is at specific things, such as cooking, staying active, driving, etc. You can also show your man your appreciation in front of his family and friends. He would undoubtedly make him feel pampered in this manner.

7. Bring Him Surprising Presents

You can surprise him by purchasing something for him if it is something he has always wanted but has been unable to acquire. For instance, let’s say he had always wanted a shirt but was unable to get one due to a lack of funds. You can also purchase the headphones or phone case he intends to purchase.

8. Visit him unexpectedly at his workplace

Another romantic gesture is to pay a surprise visit to his job during lunchtime. We are confident that your partner will be overjoyed to see you bring his favourite lunch of all time. We’re not saying you have to stop by his office every once in a while; you can go there once a month. However, if you are unable to see him at work, you can at least give him some flowers or place an order for his favourite meal. We bet this will make his day happier and give him more energy.

9. Go on a nice vacation with him

Because International Men’s Day is only one day, it does not have to be celebrated only on that day. Plan a weekend trip and surprise him on the big day. A romantic getaway with your lover can do wonders for your relationship. You can be in charge of making travel arrangements and purchasing tickets. You’ll have enough time to spend with each other and show him how much you care during this period. You can keep the location a surprise for him. In addition to the methods outlined above, you can spoil your man by spending time with him. After all, spending time together and remaining close to one another is the finest way to show your love.


You don’t need a particular day to celebrate and pamper your man, but IMD serves as a perfect excuse to do so. Make sure to make the day about him and cater to his needs. Give him all the attention he deserves and make a huge celebration out of it. Also, don’t forget to wish your man a Happy International Men’s Day!

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