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Best Selfie Poses for Men

Updated: May 17, 2023

Welcome! Are you curious about the standard male selfie technique? Let us paint you a picture. First, the man spends a good 15 minutes searching for the perfect shot that will showcase his impressive physique and dashing good looks. Like a ninja, he scours his surroundings for the optimal lighting to highlight his features, often contorting his body in various ways to find the most flattering angle.

As he poses, he contemplates how he should present himself. Should he appear serious and moody, or maybe give off an air of confident uncertainty with a half-smile? The pressure is on, and the options are endless.

But let’s not forget the importance of the background. The average man can spend hours searching for the perfect backdrop, only to settle for a plain, boring wall.

Finally, after numerous attempts, he captures the ideal selfie. It’s a moment of triumph that will surely earn him plenty of likes and comments on social media. And so the cycle continues, as the average man eagerly anticipates his next selfie challenge, always striving for that elusive, perfect shot.

Once he has settled on the best lighting and composition, he takes a multitude of selfies, finally selecting the one in which he resembles a brooding model gazing off into the distance. With every editing tool at his disposal, he meticulously refines his image to resemble a magazine-worthy masterpiece.

And there you have it: the arduous, yet rewarding, male selfie ritual. It may take time, but the end result is worth the effort to capture a photo that will make his followers green with envy.

Here’s why it’s crucial that men snap selfies in a manly way and not a boyish one:

First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no single way to explain what it means to “look and take a selfie like a man” or “like a boy.” These phrases are personal and can mean different things to different people depending on their culture, society, and personal beliefs and expectations.

But if “looking and taking a selfie like a man” means presenting oneself with confidence, maturity, and self-respect, and “looking and taking a selfie like a boy” means presenting oneself in a childish, immature, or disrespectful way, then it can be argued that it’s important to try for the former.

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Self-presentation: The way you show yourself to others can affect how they see you. By acting mature, sure of yourself, and respectful, you can show that you are someone who is serious, capable, and worthy of respect.

  2. Self-esteem: Putting yourself out there in a way that feels real to you and that you’re proud of can help you feel better about yourself and give you more confidence. It can also help you feel better about yourself and improve your mental health as a whole.

  3. Expectations from society: Society often has different ideas about how men and boys should act and look. As you get older and become an adult, it’s important to live up to these standards and act like a mature, capable adult.

In the end, it’s up to you how you want to present yourself in selfies or anywhere else. But it’s important to be aware of the messages you send with how you present yourself and to think about how you want others to see you.

Selfie taken by boys versus men

It’s hard to make a general statement about whether boys or men take more selfies because age isn’t the only thing that affects this. But there are some broad patterns that can be seen.

Boys and young men, especially those in their teens, may take more selfies as a way to show who they are and where they stand in society. They may take selfies with their friends, showing off their personalities by making funny or exaggerated faces or striking poses.

As men get older and more mature, they might take selfies less to show off to their friends and more to remember good times or for work. A businessman might take a selfie to remember a meeting or event, while a dad might take a selfie with his kids to remember a special moment.

Overall, there is no one way that boys or men take selfies, and people of all ages and genders do it for many different reasons.

Tips for Taking Stunning Selfies

There are many things that go into making a selfie look charming, such as your pose, expression, lighting, and background. Here are some tips that will help you look your best in selfies:

Find a good light source

For a good selfie, you need good lighting. Try to take your selfie outside or in a well-lit room. Don’t take photos in dark places or with harsh lighting that makes shadows that don’t look good.

Use a flattering angle

Try out different angles to see which one shows off your best features. A small change in the way you tilt your head or turn your face can make a big difference.

Smile with your eyes

A real smile that goes all the way to your eyes can make you look friendly and charming. Practice your smile in the mirror to find the one that looks the most natural and attractive.

Use a simple background

A busy or cluttered background can be distracting and take attention away from you, which is what the photo is supposed to be about. Try to find a background that is simple and won’t draw too much attention to itself.

Think about your outfit

How good you look in a selfie can also depend on what you’re wearing. Choose something that looks good on your body and skin, and that makes you feel good about yourself and at ease.

Be careful when editing

Editing can help make your selfies better, but it’s important not to go too far. Don’t use too many filters or effects on your photo, as this can make it look fake tan not go too far. Don’t use too many filters or effects on your photo, as this can make it look fake. Use simple editing tools like brightness, contrast, and color correction to bring out the natural beauty of the photo. Use filters to smooth out wrinkles and sharpen your selfie game with the help of a selfie editor tool like Facetune2.

Remember that being yourself and having fun are the most important things. Confidence and honesty are always charming, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in your selfies.

Now we’ll get to the part where we talk about the top male selfie poses:

Is it time for you, sir, to step up your selfie game? Are you sick of taking boring selfies that no one often goes unappreciated? You already have everything you need to shoot a perfect selfie: a face, a phone, and the determination to strike the finest possible selfie position. To ensure that your selfies are the envy of all your friends, you only need to know what to do; fortunately, we have the greatest selfie positions for guys (and enemies, for that matter).


The Straight-On selfie pose

When taking a straight-on selfie, it’s important to think about your face and body position to make yourself look confident and friendly. This is very interesting because it looks like you’re looking at the person. Just make sure you hold your phone far enough away to fit your neck and part of your shoulders in so you don’t look out of proportion. Simple, but it works.

Pet Selfie Pose

The Pet Selfie Pose

Selfies involving pets are a great way to share a special moment with your animal companion. However, remember that you—not your pet—should be the focal point of the shot.

Your pet llama, cat, dog, goldfish, or goat will make a terrific addition to any selfie. If you’re new to selfies and feel a little nervous, co-starring with a furry buddy is the way to go because it’s a lighthearted posture, and not all the focus is on you.

Mirror Selfie Pose

The Mirror Selfie Pose

Men (and swooning women) all around the world have a soft spot for the topless selfie. The days of cropping out your head while you hold your breath and flex your abs are over. You’re the full package, so when you take a selfie in the mirror without your top, make sure to get your head in there, too.

  1. Holding your phone closer to the center of your chest is the ideal position for a bicep curl, and a tiny lean back will help you tense your core. Add a grin for an unbeatable twosome.

  2. Men can experiment with a variety of time-honored mirror selfie postures, including:

  3. The “Casual Lean” entails angling one’s body slightly toward the mirror while keeping one hand in one’s pocket. A laid-back and informal air may be projected by this stance.

  4. The “Arm Flex” involves flexing your biceps while standing in front of a mirror. If you want to show off your biceps, strike this position.

  5. The “Smoldering Glance” entails fixing oneself in the mirror and smirking seriously. Posing in this way might convey an air of mystery and self-assurance.

  6. Put on a cool pair of shades and hold your phone in front of your face to take a “sunglass selfie.” Posing in this way might project an air of calm confidence.

  7. Always try out new approaches to lighting and composition until you get the ideal photo.

Hand-on-face selfie pose

Hand-on-face selfie pose

Try touching your face with your hand if you want to spice things up a bit. This adds a little visual variety to the photo. Pretend to scratch your chin, shield your eyes from the sun, or massage your temples. Not only can you cover up unsightly imperfections with your hand, but you’ll also feel more at ease if you keep both of your hands busy.

The standard grin

The standard grin

Flash the camera a broad grin and tilt your head ever-so-slightly to one side. If you’re going for a warm and inviting vibe, this is the way to go.

The cold gaze

The cold gaze selfie

If you want to appear more passionate or melancholy, try staring intently into the lens.

The “smize”

The "smize" selfie

Tyra Banks popularized the “smize” by smiling only with the eyes and not the mouth. It has the potential to produce an air of smoldering mystery. 8. The action shot: Take a selfie while you’re in the thick of things to demonstrate your athleticism or interest in a certain hobby. You may take a picture while playing basketball or the guitar, for instance.

The candid shot

The candid selfies shot

The finest selfies are often the ones that catch you in a relaxed state. You should take a selfie while you’re having fun, whether that’s laughing, chatting, or doing something else.


Taking a selfie with confidence, maturity, and self-respect is important because it can affect how others perceive you. Boys and young men tend to take selfies less to show off to their friends and more to remember good times or for work as they grow older. To ensure a good picture, one should find good lighting, use a flattering angle, smile with their eyes, use a simple background, and be careful when editing. Some popular male selfie poses include the straight-on pose, the pet selfie pose, and the mirror selfie pose. Always be creative and try out different options to get your ideal selfie.

If you are not one for taking selfies and prefer the good ol’ portraits and full frame photos then read this article, ‘How to nail your photoshoot: Poses for men‘.

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