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Best Lifestyle Magazines For Every Man To Read

Magazines carry with them a variety of information, covering nearly every aspect of human lives; be it health,lifestyle,news,current affairs or all of the whereabouts of the world. Reading magazines helps one in developing interests in a particular subject and keeps him updated to the day to day scenarios and happenings.

Magazines seek to inform and entertain their readers. It is the type of content that they have,which attracts a large readership towards them. Men may find interest in topics such as science fiction, current affairs, finances, lifestyle etc. And this article discusses brief description of some of the magazines that men must read based on lifestyle.

Top Magazines that Every Man Must Have in his Collection



GQ or Gentlemen Quarterly is an American magazine which got started in1931 and covers topics on men’s lifestyle, fashion and style and culture of men through articles focusing on food, clothing, fitness, movies, travels, sports and sex. It provides fashion trends, grooming advice, and style ideas to assist men improve their personal image. Beyond fashion, GQ explores travel, food, fitness, and entertainment, providing insightful analysis and practical advice for contemporary living. It serves as a source of motivation for enhancing lifestyle choices, maintaining up-to-date cultural awareness, and boosting one's physical attractiveness. GQ is an excellent resource for men who want to be informed, fashionable, and culturally aware because of its variety of content, which appeals to a wide range of interests.



Esquire, one of the longest-running men's newspapers, was first published in 1933 as a sub-alternate to Gentlemen's Quarterly. It focuses on topics including men's grooming and fitness, politics, and interviews with notable people. Arnold Gingrich discovered it. Esquire is brimming with interesting and compelling content for men, featuring exclusive features and fashion advice for a well tailored living. When Esquire first came out, it pioneered the use of offbeat subjects and feature stories. It created a platform for emerging authors to write about both fictional and non-fictional subjects, with a focus on humor, stellar book and movie reviews, and music. Despite being focused on marketing and leisure content for males, Esquire later transitioned into a more generic genre of a general audience publication.

3.Fantastic Man


Fantastic Man is a semi-annual men’s magazine which was introduced in 2005. This incredible magazine deals with men’s fashion, culture and lifestyle. It provides readers with cultural insights and a wider perspective by featuring interviews with notable persons from various fields and offering cutting-edge fashion inspiration. Fantastic Man is relevant for guys looking for distinctive and out-of-the-box perspectives on fashion, culture, and masculinity because of its simple style and worldwide orientation. A wonderful resource for the fashion-forward and culturally informed male, its bi-annual publication ensures in-depth and top-notch information.

4.Men’s Health


Men’s Health was published by Hearst Communications Inc. and incorporates topics such as men’s grooming, fitness and gives suggestions and tips on men’s workout routines, healthy recipes, mental health and advice on lifestyle. Men's Health should be read by men for a number of compelling reasons. First of all, it provides professional guidance on physical exercise, diet, and general health, assisting men in enhancing their physical well-being and embracing healthier lifestyles. Second, the publication addresses the whole component of wellbeing by discussing stress management and mental health. It also offers fashion guidance and grooming suggestions to help guys look and feel their best. Men's Health also provides advice on dating, advancing your job, and growing personally. It acts as a thorough manual for men seeking self-assurance, a balanced, rewarding life, and physical and mental wellness.



Because of its distinctive blend of content addressing all facets of a modern man's lifestyle, men should think about reading Maxim. The publication offers a dose of pop culture and entertainment through stunning photography, celebrity interviews, and entertainment news. Additionally, Maxim covers subjects like fashion, fitness, and grooming while offering health and style advice. It appeals to individuals looking for a well-rounded source of entertainment and knowledge because of its fascinating content, which combines lifestyle, humor, and men's interests. It doesn't have a narrow focus and offers a wide range of topics that can appeal to a large male readership.

6.Men’s Journal


First published in the year 1992, Men’s Journal has been working on its toes since the last three decades in providing engaging content and interesting stories on men who are more into outdoor adventures,fitness,travel and lifestyle inspirations. This magazine was first founded by Jann Wenner, the co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine. Men's Journal has a wide range of topics that appeal to the energetic, adventurous, and health-conscious male, so they should read it. The publication offers advice, equipment reviews, and uplifting adventure stories while covering outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and extreme sports. It also covers diet, fitness, and mental health, offering advice for leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Men's Journal investigates food and drink as well as vacation places, making it a great source of inspiration for both leisure and exploration. Men's Journal provides insightful advice for anyone trying to improve their quality of life, whether they enjoy outdoor activities, exercise, or simply want to feel better overall.

7.Sharp Magazine


Because of its intelligent perspective on men's culture and lifestyle, guys should read Sharp magazine. The publication offers insights into affluent living through the integration of fashion, grooming, travel, and technology. Sharp provides fashion ideas by exhibiting premium clothing and grooming goods. In-depth biographies and interviews with notable people from other disciplines are also included, giving it a source of information and inspiration. Sharp appeals to people who value a polished and sophisticated lifestyle due to its emphasis on luxury and elegance. Sharp magazine offers a well-rounded view of contemporary male living, whether you're seeking for style advice, vacation suggestions, or cultural insights.

8.Popular Mechanics


Popular Mechanics offers men a plethora of useful information and insights about engineering, technology, and do-it-yourself projects. This journal caters to readers who enjoy tinkering, building, and staying up to date on the newest technologies by offering a distinctive blend of educational articles, product reviews, and how-to guides. Popular Mechanics offers insightful information that can equip readers to take on tasks, make wise selections when making purchases, and keep up with the rapidly changing field of science and technology, whether they are interested in home remodeling, automobile developments, or cutting-edge gadgets. It is a crucial tool for the inquisitive and practical man.

9. Wired


Wired should be read by men since it covers technology, science, and innovation in great detail. The publication offers in-depth analysis, perceptions, and information on new gadgets, technology, and digital culture. Wired is relevant for individuals who want to comprehend the quickly evolving world of technology since it enables readers to stay abreast of emerging technologies. In order to give readers a more comprehensive understanding of how technology influences our lives, it also examines how technology affects society, business, and culture. Wired provides helpful information to keep informed and engaged in today's tech-driven society, whether you're a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, or simply interested about the digital age.

10. The Rake


Because of its emphasis on traditional fashion, custom tailoring, and opulent lifestyle, men should read The Rake. The publication offers insights into classic style, great craftsmanship, and sophisticated aesthetics as it celebrates the art of dressing well. The Rake includes exhibitions of fine clothing, talks with skilled tailors, and biographies of sartorial legends. For individuals who value refinement and excellence, it serves as inspiration. Beyond fashion, the magazine delves into opulent travel, exquisite eating, and culture, offering a comprehensive look at the lifestyle of the sophisticated gentleman. Men can embrace traditional elegance and develop a sense of classic taste and style by reading The Rake.


Magazines are a great resource for guys to learn about current events, fashion trends, fitness, travel, grooming, and a variety of other topics. The popular publications listed above are a few that every man should read and own in order to keep up with current trends and educate himself about things that have changed through time. These publications give men a wealth of knowledge, professional counsel, and pointers on how to live a healthy lifestyle and appreciate the life they are living. So, gentlemen, pick up a magazine, unwind, and read something insightful.

Written By: Chirajita Gupta

Edited By: Puneet Kapani

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