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Best Gifts for your Sister this Rakshabandhan

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Rakshabandhan is one memorable day when a sister ties a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist and he gifts her a special present. As they have a special bond, no matter how much they fight, they always share that special day together and make sure that there is no fighting involved that day. Brothers always make sure that they are able to gift their amazing sister something special to make her happy. Let us talk about some of these exclusive gifts that you can gift your sister on Rakshabandhan. 

Brothers and sisters have always shared a special bond. While one orders the other to get them a glass of water or they will spill out their secret to their parents, they also make sure that no one dares to touch their sibling. They have a love hate relationship that not many people understand. However, when Rakshabandhan approaches, sisters get ready to receive a great gift from their brothers by tying a Rakhi on their wrist. This is a significant festival for siblings to share their love for each other.

When it comes to brothers, buying a gift for their sister can be tricky. Not all of them know what exactly they should get for their sister, whether she is older or younger. However, just giving her some money so that she can buy something herself won’t be special. You must buy something nice for her yourself. So we decided to take matters in our hands to tell you some of the best gifts you can buy for your sister. Let’s have a look below:


Jewellery can be one of the best gifts for your sister

There is no woman who does not like jewellery. All of them would love a piece of gold or diamond in their jewellery box. The best way of making your sister smile on Rakshabandhan is getting her some nice jewellery (if you can afford it). Purchasing it might be tough for you so take along a female friend with you while jewellery shopping. However, if you want to go for something royal for your lovely sister, you can opt for the legacy jewellery brand ‘Rare Heritage’ which provides avante-garde wedding sets to wonderful everyday wear pieces.


Gifts can be a great way to appreciate your sister.

If your sister is an avid reader and cannot go to sleep without reading one whole book, this is a no brainer. You must know the type or genre of books she usually reads and get her a few books that she hasn’t read till now. Perhaps, get her a real book rather than a kindle edition as most readers prefer that. It will make her the happiest woman on the planet on Rakshabandhan for sure. Some of the best literature pieces for her would be ‘Sense and Sensibility’ as well as ‘Pride and Prejudice’, both by Jane Austen.


Some gifts that your sister will love.

Well, this is truly a tricky one. Most men have no idea about makeup, but if your sister is into makeup, then gifting her a good quality foundation or a highlighter that she is unable to afford will be the perfect gift. You will certainly need a female friend with you to tag along if you have no idea about makeup. Go to different makeup shops to just browse first and not to purchase. Once you have decided what to buy, then make the purchase.

Ethnic Wear

These are the gifts your sister will be thankful for.

Traditional or ethnic wear is what brings out the beauty of women. They wear it with pride, knowing that they are shining in ethnic wear. One brand that captures the essence of festivities is ‘Kalki’, offering contemporary, ethnic Indian and fusion wear. It features innovative prints, fresh colours and modern draping through its collections such as RUMI, ROOH, Kesa, Zoha and others. They provide lehengas, dhoti skirts, sharara suits and much more making you want more.


While Raksha Bandhan is not just about gifts, your sister certainly deserves one. And gifting her a deodorant or a box of chocolates would not be special enough. She must be presented with the best and the above given options are perfect to go for. You can thank us later. Happy Rakshabandhan!

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