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8 Best Fashion Magazines for Men

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A man's lifestyle can be considerably improved by wearing fashionable clothing. Fashion is more than simply apparel; it's a way to express oneself and feel good about oneself. Men can develop their own sense of style, increase self-esteem, and create positive first impressions by keeping up with fashion trends.

The professional and social impact of an outfit can be improved. Additionally, fashion includes grooming and promotes self-care and hygiene, both of which are essential to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Observing fashion trends also encourages adaptation and a sense of cultural knowledge. Overall, embracing fashion helps men feel their best, project confidence, embrace originality, and have a good impact on both the personal and professional spheres of their lives.

In this article, we've brought an elite list of the best fashion magazines for men, you can go through this list and choose the magazine that best suits your preferences and put them on your tables.


Swagger magazine

SWAGGER is North America’s premier digital first Modern Men’s Luxury Lifestyle Publication. Men who have always seemed to find around the topics of self-discovery, luxury lifestyles, and luxury product trends, have always liked up and went to this magazine for gaining knowledge and guidance.

This magazine has successfully catered to a large reader base and has provided them with a good base of information and suggestions on these categories.

So if you are looking to spend some time reading the categories of luxurious lifestyle and trends, this magazine can be on your list.

Link - Men’s Lifestyle, Gear, Style, Grooming & More | SWAGGER Magazine

2. Gentsome

Gentsome Magazine Logo

Gentsome Magazine is an Italian magazine company, based on Men’s style. This magazine has successfully covered men’s luxury styling and grooming trends.

Men who aspire to get an insight into grooming trends, expert opinions on styling, and brand knowledge, must surely consider this Magazine.

Link - Gentsome Magazine – The Italian Man Fashion Magazine

3. Men’s Folio

Men's Folio Magazine

Men’s Folio is a Singapore-based magazine. Men’s Folio has specialized in the niche of luxury and trendy fashion. It has always inspired Asian men to try out newer fashion trends.

Asian men can always relate to the trends published here, and they also get to know about worldwide luxurious trends in styling. This Magazine is an apt choice for men of Asia, who aspire to make their fashion imprinted on a worldwide styling canvas.

Link - Men's Folio - The authority in men's fashion and luxury lifestyle (

4. Maxim

Maxim Magazine

Maxim magazine needs no introduction. With a wide range of categories like luxury, entertainment, food, travel, fashion, tech, and whatnot, Maxim magazine has successfully gained a large reader base and has continued to sustain this for a long time.

Maxim Magazine has also been a pioneer in the Fashion category. If you want some beautiful inspiration, this magazine surely has some of the coolest fashion covers to inspire you. The celebrity tips, fashion advices, and fashion trends make this magazine more suitable for Men seeking fashion inspirations.

Men who want updation about multiple categories, and multiple trends across the globe, must definitely consider this magazine among their top options.

Link - Maxim International - Maxim

5. COOL Korea

COOL Korea Magazine

For the men who love fashion, and have always been passionate to try out the newest and strangest of fashion trends, have always had a copy of none other than the Cool Korea magazine with them.

If you are looking for a magazine that nicely covers the category of fashion and styling, and not only that but also topics like fashion designing, costume designing, new makeup and design trends, and trendy and famous designers, then this magazine should be the apt choice.


6. Another Man

Another Man Magazine

Another Man is a trending name among fashion magazines. This U.K.-based magazine has always been a successful game-changer in the fashion field.

With its better hand among fashion trends, and new styling and design updates, this magazine has found its place among the top fashion magazines of the year.

Link - Another Man | Men's Fashion & Culture | AnotherMan (

7. Preferred

Preferred Magazine

As the name suggests, this magazine has surely been on the list of the ‘preferred’ magazines. This is a Canada-based magazine and has been among the top fashion magazines in Canada.

This magazine has always covered the latest luxury fashion trends with full-fledged covers, that have inspired men to get into the latest trends, and good brands. The brand suggestions and the fashion advices published here have also been top-notch.

Link - Top Men Luxury Magazines | Men's Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Publication 2022 (

8. Pause

Pause Magazine

Pause is a U.K.-based magazine that has successfully catered to the fashion category. It has been among the most-read fashion magazines in the U.K.

Pause magazine has always found its place in the top category because it has targeted the latest brands, latest fashion trends, and upcoming fashion revolutions.

Link - PAUSE Online | Men's Fashion, Street Style, Fashion News & Streetwear (

Bottomline - Choose from the Best Fashion Magazines

We’ve brought you a good list of magazines to choose from. Men must acknowledge the latest fashion trends and must follow these magazines to get a detailed insight into the latest luxury trends, future brands to come, seasonal attires to choose from, and whatnot.

So we expect you all to get your preferred magazine on the table and start your fashion revolution as soon as possible.

Written By - Bhagwat Jha

Edited By - Aniket Joshi

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