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Best camera phones under 20,000 INR

The camera resolution of a smartphone is just about as significant as the other specifications, to such an extent that the camera execution has become one of the essential necessities for most. In contrast to heavy pro cameras, smartphones are the go-to device for many who desire to explore different avenues regarding photography. Smartphones are a practical choice because of their reduced size and ease of portability.

What’s more, when you talk about camera execution on a smartphone, Google’s Pixel setup is the ideal illustration of what can be accomplished assuming equipment and programming are impeccably improved. Until recently, most Pixel phones produced incredible images with a single image sensor. All due to Google’s software optimization.

This is likely the motivation behind why you will see most brands zeroing in intensely on the camera specs of their smartphones. Most current phones include either a 48MP, 64MP, or even a 108 MP primary camera. Be that as it may, a higher megapixel count doesn’t consistently reflect better camera execution.

All things considered, not only premium phones or flagships, but affordable phones too offer better camera performance. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a phone that can shoot incredible pictures or record great videos. While we are grinding away, a few brands are constructing specs that assist clients with shooting vlogs or video blogs tirelessly.

Can you believe all of this being under 20000 INR. Well, it’s true. Here are some of the best camera phones under 20000 INR that will blow your mind away!

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max


  1. Rear camera: 108MP+8+5+2MP

  2. Front camera: 16MP

  3. OS: Android 11, MIUI 12

  4. Display: 6.67-inch FHD+, AMOLED, 120Hz

  5. Processor: Snapdragon 732G

  6. RAM: 6/8GB

  7. Storage: 64/128GB

  8. Battery: 5020mAh, 33W charging

  9. Weight: 193g

  10. Thickness: 8.1mm

The Redmi Note 10 Pro Max is the best camera phone in the affordable section as it accompanies a significant arrangement of cameras and elements that are really simple to use for anybody.

Pros and cons

Realme 8 Pro


  1. Rear camera: 108+8+2+2MP

  2. Front camera: 16MP

  3. Display: 6.4″ FHD+, AMOLED, 60Hz

  4. Processor: Snapdragon 720G

  5. RAM: 6/8GB

  6. Storage: 128GB

  7. Battery: 4500mAh, 50W charging

  8. OS: Android 11, Realme UI 2.0

  9. Weight: 176g

  10. Thickness: 8.1mm

While the cameras of the Realme 8 Pro have been publicized as its greatest component by the organization, this present reality probably won’t coordinate with the heavy claims that the organization makes.

Pros and cons

Poco X3 Pro


  1. Rear camera: 48+8+2+2MP

  2. Front camera: 20MP

  3. Display: 6.67″ FHD+, LCD, 120Hz

  4. Processor: Snapdragon 860

  5. RAM: 6/8GB

  6. Storage: 128GB

  7. Battery: 5160mAh, 33W

  8. OS: Android 11, MIUI 12

  9. Weight: 213g

  10. Thickness: 9.4mm

For the people who need premium performance, the Poco X3 Pro is the one to go with.

Pros and cons

Vivo V20 SE


  1. Display: 6.44″ FHD+, AMOLED, 60Hz

  2. Processor: Snapdragon 665

  3. RAM: 8GB

  4. Storage: 128GB

  5. Battery: 4100mAh, 33W

  6. Rear camera: 48+8+2MP

  7. Front camera: 32MP

  8. OS: Android 10

  9. Weight: 171g

  10. Thickness: 7.8mm

Vivo makes one brand that revolves intensely around selfies. The Vivo V20 SE is an incredible choice for all the selfie lovers out there as the gadget packs in a 32MP selfie camera fit inside the dew-drop notch.

Pros and cons

Moto G60


  1. Rear camera: 108+8+2MP

  2. Front camera: 32MP

  3. Display: 6.78″ FHD+, LCD, 120Hz

  4. Processor: Snapdragon 732G

  5. RAM: 6GB

  6. Storage: 128GB

  7. Battery: 6000mAh, 20W

  8. OS: Android 11

  9. Weight: 220g

  10. Thickness: 9.6mm

The Moto G60 is one of the least expensive phones with a 108MP primary camera arrangement.

Pros and cons

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