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Benefits of using a pre-shave oil

Shaving frequently causes nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and other problems for many guys. A fantastic approach to prepare your skin for shaving and to help alleviate some of these common shaving difficulties is with pre-shave oil. But is it required? Learn everything there is to know about pre-shave oils, how they function, and how to use them in your shaving routine.

What is it?

A pre-shave oil is intended to be used before shaving and used below a shaving cream or gel, not in place of it. It should not be mistaken for beard oil or shave oil. The use of this oil is crucial for several reasons. Let’s talk about them below.

Pre-shave oil acts as a moisturiser

Shaving doesn’t dry out your skin by itself, but the products you use and exposure to new skin might cause your skin to become parched. Preparing your skin for shaving by applying a little of the oil produced with plant-based oils (such as castor oil and olive oil) can help hydrate it. Pre-shave oil’s hydrating properties also aid in softening your hair follicles, making shaving with the razor more comfortable.

Pre-shave oil uses

  1. Pre-shave oil has several benefits, including the ability to act as a lubricant, help prevent razor burn, and protect the skin.

  2. Pre-shave oil has lubricant properties.

  3. Keep in mind: This oil shouldn’t be used in place of shaving cream or gel. An essential component of your shaving routine is a high-quality shaving cream. The pre-shave gel helps to give a smooth glide for an even better shave by sitting on the skin beneath your shaving cream.

  4. Razor burn can be avoided with the use of this oil.

  5. Ingrown hairs and razor burns are common shaving problems that are not only uncomfortable but also ugly and detract from the appearance of your clean shave. By effectively preparing your skin and fostering a more comfortable shaving environment, pre-shave gels can help prevent things like blade burn.

Your skin can be protected by pre-shave oil

Strips of toilet paper on your face are getting old. Pre-shave oil helps lessen your risk of nicks and cuts while also preventing razor burn. A high-quality one will sit on your skin’s surface and facilitate smoother blade movement.

How to Apply?

  1. First, wash your face. Before using your pre-shave oil, take a shower or wash your face.

  2. Next, apply oil to the palm. Add a few drops to your palms and rub your hands together.

  3. Massage the beard. Spread the oil evenly on your skin and beard by gently massaging it in.

  4. Let the oil seep in. For the best results, let the oil rest on your skin or beard for about 30 seconds.

  5. While you wait wash your hands thoroughly

  6. Apply shaving cream as you normally do


It is not necessary to use a pre-shave oil, but the downside to not using one can be quite drastic at its worst. If you use a pre-shave oil, it not only moisturises and nourished your skin, but also makes shaving a lot smoother. Make sure you follow the application instructions to get the best and most optimum use out of your oil.

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