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Been on the masturbation guilt trip?

Often you must have heard guys whining about this one guilt. The guilt post masturbation. It’s rather typical to feel guilty after masturbating. The last thing on your mind, while you’re really aroused or enjoying the pleasure of masturbation, is probably guilt. However, for some reason, as soon as you achieve your peak, it’s as if a switch is flipped, and you find yourself immediately plunging into pain and grief. So if you are reading this article and have gone through masturbation guilt, the good news is you are not the only one and it’s very common.   

The taboo topic of men’s sexual self-indulgence guilt, which results in predetermined feelings of embarrassment and shame, is now seen as an “important health concern.” There is still a barrier before there is sexual openness. It is certain that mentioning widely held beliefs such as exhaustion and fatigue after masturbation or even during intercourse will result in mental difficulties. The possibility that routine masturbation could cause erectile dysfunction is also fully explained by the bad image connected with masturbation.

Masturbation guilt was linked to overall psychological suffering, including anxiety, depression, and stress. People who felt guilty frequently experienced greater sexual issues and partner disputes. In comparison to guys who did not experience remorse, they also used alcohol at higher rates.

Where is this guilt coming from?

There can be many reasons why men feel guilty after masturbating. Every aspect may have a different reason. Counselling Psychologist, True to Yourself, Ms. Sonal Rajput explains different reasons why men may feel guilty or ashamed after masturbation.

According to Ms. Rajput, the guilt might be coming from different aspects such as cultural, psychological, informational, and individual aspects. Here is the list of reasons and aspects that our expert talked about regarding post-masturbation guilt in men.

The Cultural Aspects: “The belief to save the ‘Men Power’ which is ‘Semen’ can lead to feeling guilty about the inability to follow cultural rules. This could also make men feel inferior, leading them towards psychological issues. Men do not discuss it with each other as it is considered a taboo topic.”

The Psychological Aspects: “Researchers found that men who feel guilt after masturbation are more likely to have psychological issues like depression and anxiety. Guilt after masturbation is a type of delusional thinking and one should seek professional therapist advice in case of regular guilt trips.”

The informational aspects: “The lack of information about masturbation, which is mostly hearsay and not from medical experts leads to many misconceptions about it. The emergent myths around Masturbation influence sexual behavior as well. This develops feelings of embarrassment and shame around masturbation. 

The Hormonal Aspects: Masturbation releases ‘happy hormones like dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. These are natural stress relievers. They can also help you have better self-esteem, which positively affects your mental health. “

The Individual Aspect: “Masturbating individuals who have sexual health-related issues like erectile dysfunction, and low libido might feel sexual trauma after masturbation. Emotional distress can lead to mental health concerns. The individual feeling guilty after Masturbation should consult the counselor or the therapist to seek appropriate counseling. Individuals having any sort of physical discomfort after masturbation should see their doctor and seek professional help with no delay.”


Initially, when boys start masturbating during their teenage, the guilt is way more intense due to a lack of knowledge. They feel like ruining their lives over this. But as time passes and awareness encounters, the guilt reduces. But still, even grown-up men feel guilty after masturbating that too quite intensely. The fact that during teenage, boys are not aware of the fact that even girls do it, so they feel like doing this is unethical or not morally correct.

Also, a scientific reason suggests that during masturbation, testosterone is released, the level of estrogen is dominant, and hence mixed emotions are quite obvious. Once the original level of testosterone is restored after 4-5 minutes the guilt reduces and emotions are balanced out in a while.

Also, when men start controlling the urge to masturbate too much, it may result in reducing the capacity of threshold due to which even a minor trigger can arouse them. Even being angry more frequently can be a result of controlling it too much.

Wrapping it up –

Guilt post masturbation has its own scientific, phycological, and individual reasons. You can’t straight away stop being guilty about it. But you can surely reduce that guilt with awareness. Awareness around your body. Awareness about why you feel guilty. And when you’ll know the answer to it. It’ll change the way you think about yourself.

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