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Beard Care on the go for Travellers

There is an archaic oldie but goodie that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Travel provides genuine experiences that transform you in ways no textbook ever could. And what better time to travel than the autumn/winter season, when the weather cooperates and most of us are naturally inclined to take some time off from our routine.

However, a month of backpacking can spell doom for a beard; when faced with dust, sweat and stickiness, it’s tempting to do away with it all. We are here to assure you that not only can you have your beard while travelling, but you can also stay comfortable. By giving your beard the TLC it needs, you’ll have a soft, shiny beard to flaunt when you travel.

Use beard oil and beard balm

If you are travelling this autumn/winter in more temperate regions like Thailand or Bali, you might even sweat on the beaches. To counter stickiness and sweat, increase the frequency with which you wash your beard. If you usually do it 3 – 4 times a week, try every other day. But don’t be tempted to wing it with the complimentary shampoo you will find at most hotels, as these shampoos are formulated for your hair, not for the drier, thicker beard hair.

Opt for a beard shampoo to ensure a thorough cleaning that doesn’t strip your beard of its protective natural oils. Find a beard shampoo formulated with chamomile and green tea to hydrate and reduce irritation and inflammation while cleansing. After shampooing, follow up with beard oil while your beard is still slightly damp to seal in moisture, and finish with beard balm for extra hold and shape, which is a good idea to look modish when travelling.

Use hair sunscreen

Most of us often neglect the hair on our heads and faces when applying sunscreen. But as you walk around outside – or partying on the beach, or kayaking on the ocean – the sun’s rays will break down hair cuticles, leading to a brittle, dry beard. Hair sunscreen isn’t the easiest to find, but the available ones do their job well to soften your beard vastly.

To do the extra repair after a day outside, massage beard oil and beard balm into your beard. Use a beard oil that is water-resistant and non-greasy so that it lasts longer. To do the extra repair after a day outside, massage beard balm and beard oil into your beard and skin while your beard is still damp to seal in moisture and leave it on overnight. The beard oil and beard balm will unite to form a deep conditioner to make your beard caressive.

Bring a razor/or trimmer for extended travelling

If your new year holidays looks like a backpacking adventure across Europe for more than a month, you will need to bring a razor. This will seemingly allow you to trim your cheeks and neckline and generally keep things under control. For travel, we cannot overstress the importance of keeping your neck clear – allowing hair to grow there will make you incredibly itchy, and you will end up scratching at the area throughout your trip – so better avoid that.

You can also consider getting a trim right before your trip – remember that whether you have a beard or stubble, you still need to take care of your skin and hair. So keep shampooing the area, and massage a few drops of beard oil into the skin. This will soften your face & stubble as well as prevent dryness. Bring a rechargeable electric razor for long trips.


This being said, a lot of men aren’t used to being exposed to all sorts of temperatures on a daily basis. You will have to be sure to remember that you will need to change your maintenance routine for your beard if you are going to backpack for over a month. You will want to remember that it is imperative to pay extra attention to your beard every day of your trip. If you’re visiting warm/tropical places, do bring the required items. Happy travels gents!

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